You are not ready for marriage if you have not done these 5 things

You are not ready for marriage if you have not done these 5 things

Marriage is not for the feeble minds and it is certainly not for quitters. Before getting married you must understand and have the mindset that you are entering into a phase of life that may likely be your home till you die, as such you must do certain things and be sure of where you are going. There are many problems in marriages that people don’t talk about sometimes but truly it exists.

There are things you must do before getting married to avoid problems, read on;

1. Develop the habit of contentment

If you are someone that is never contented with what you have the I am sorry you are not ready for a steady, faithful and happy marriage. Marriage is different from being single and we all know this, while being single as a lady you can ask and receive any gift from any man even if you are not dating him though there is a likelihood that you may have to pay in kind for the gift but such will not happen in marriage. You must develop the habit of being contented with the little you have and working hard to get more the legitimate way without lusting for what is not yours. A woman who is not contented with what she has may not be contented with the little her husband will offer her and the same goes to a man, a man that is not contented with one woman may not steady at home and be satisfied with the little he receives from the wife. Before then please read: Married Woman: I Have Decided To Cheat On My Husband And Nothing Will Stop Me – Read why here!

2. Learn to solve problems without relying on your parents or friends

You see parental love? that thing has destroyed many marriages and I am a living witness. Once you cannot take decisions on your own without relying on your parents you are likely to have problems with your man or woman. This is because people have different perspective to life and your parents or anybody will likely give you advise based on their own experiences but you should know that marriage is something you continually learn till you die. Your husband or wife is a different person and may require a different approach to solving problems so learn to be your own boss before getting married. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek wise counselling but let it be when the situation is beyond you.

3. Learn to keep secrets

Many people go into marriages and end up telling their friends everything that happens between them and their spouse. This is the height of immaturity, you should learn and be mature enough to keep secrets because your spouse may trust you to the point of telling you his or her deepest secrets and it usually hurts so much to know that your spouse revealed your secret to his or her parents or friends or siblings. Learn to keep confidential issues confidential, you will go through a lot with your spouse and many unsaid things may happen, let them remain between you two. Before getting married if you are someone that used to talk carelessly, learn to keep your mouth shut. Also did you watch?: VIDEO: What Pst. Mrs. Veronica did with my husband in the name of healing and recorded – wife shares video

4. Cut down on unnecessary friends

I have seen so many marriages destroyed by friends, some young men have been led astray by their friends and some young ladies have been ill advised by their friends and they ended up making regrettable mistakes that cost them their marriage. Understand that you are going into a union that your spouse will be your only trusted ally and friend, cut down on some friends that do not contribute any positive thing to your life. A friend that makes you drink much is not a good friend, a friend that loves taking you to club and making you spend money is not a good friend, a friend that advises you to cheat back on your boyfriend is not the kind of friend you should keep in your marriage. Cut down on unnecessary friendship so you can concentrate in building your marriage.

5. Learn how to say SORRY

You see that word called ‘SORRY’? that word can solve almost all the marital problems yet it is very difficult to say. It takes a humble mind to say sorry even when he or she is not wrong. Sometimes when you say sorry, it doesn’t mean you are wrong, it means you are wise enough to let it go and you want peace. Imagine a home where the husband and wife are not too proud to say sorry whenever there is a misunderstanding, such a home will flow very well.

You must learn to let go of your pride and say SORRY, else you will have problems in your marriage.

These are the few points, please share your thoughts on this via comment and share if you love this post.

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