World Powers Denies Nigeria Weapons to Fight Insurgency

World Powers Denies Nigeria Weapons to Fight Insurgency

The Nigerian Government says The World Powers have been influenced by unsubstantiated reports to deny the country of vital platforms and weapons to fight insecurity. The country now appeals to the International community not to influenced by these arguments.

The Ministry of information made this known at a Forum and said that Nigeria cannot be accused of not fighting terrorism and insurgency when certain world powers have refused to even sell certain vital weapons to the country.

The minister said that Nigeria has sent for certain vital weapons for more than three years but the weapons are yet to be released to the country.

Just yesterday, 14 persons were killed in Niger State by Gunmen that invaded Nkuru village in Niger state at about 3:15 pm on Wednesday, 12th August 2020, and opened fire on the residence and rustled several castles in the process.

After the shooting, 14 people were confirmed dead while 5 others sustained various degrees of injury and had to be transported to the General Hospital for treatment.

The Police said its men and local vigilantes are searching for the gunmen.

Also, the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu had said that the Nigerian Police force has been overstressed as the Nation confronts the numerous security challenges.

He further called for the decentralization of the police. According to him, the police and system of operation in the United States and Britain and other countries are decentralizing. He further called for the creation of State Police by the National Assembly to make the right framework for the Nations Policing Structure.

The Governor noted that the Policing involved carrying the Local Persons along stressed that a situation where key decisions are taken from the Headquarters in Abuja does not tackle several security challenges disturbing the country.

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