Will you marry her? a lady gives conditions for any man who wants to marry her- read and comment

Will you marry her? a lady gives conditions for any man who wants to marry her- read and comment

Marriage should be enjoyed and not endured, any man that wants to marry a woman has something of interest in that woman and also has the kind of woman he wants to marry. When a lady sets conditions as stiff as this, it becomes a problem.

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A particular lady has set conditions for any man that wants to marry her and they may be easy to some people but others may not like such awkward conditions, see them below;

1. Any man that must marry me must respect my mother so much, in fact, my mother becomes his mother, he must always send money to my mother every week and must visit her with gifts every month. His own mother has no business in our home because she is not important. It is only my mother that is important because she gave birth to me.

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2. I can’t cook, I don’t love cooking and do not intend to learn so any man that will marry me must know how to cook or get a male house-help who can cook or be ready to buy food for the family outside.

3. I am not a fan of too much lovemaking so as not to reduce my beauty or disfigure my body, he must accept that lovemaking will be once a month and we have it outside our home.

4. I love tattoos and he must allow the tattoo of my ex-boyfriend to remain on my body because he was the one that sent me to school and I use this to remember him.

These conditions are funny, will you marry her with these conditions or which of them is not okay by you?

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