What exactly is Aisha Yesufu’s fear over linking her NIN to her Numbers?

What exactly is Aisha Yesufu’s fear over linking her NIN to her Numbers?

Popular activist, Aisha Yesufu says she will never link her National Identity Number with her phone numbers.

According to her, she can not afford to leave her information in the hands of a terrorist sympathizer and his cohorts.

In her words; ‘Let me repeat categorically what I have said before. I WILL NOT BE LINKING MY NIN to my phone number! I will rather not have a phone line than willingly give my information and have it in the control of a terrorist sympathiser and his cohorts’.

It seems her hatred for Isa Pantami has influenced her psychological assessment of the whole essence and objective of the NIN registration and linking.

Except she has hidden skeletons piled up in her cupboard then she should not be scared of linking her NIN to her phone numbers.

The essence of #EndSARS protest was for a better Nigeria, this NIN initiative is a major step towards achieving that, why is she against it?

She ended her tweet with the hashtag #Pantamimustgo, does it mean that the NIN registration is about Isa Pantami? This is a very wrong perception and narrative. The NIN registration and linking though was initiated by Isa Pantami is not about him, it is an initiative owned by the federal government of Nigeria.

Placing a nexus between Isa Pantami, Terrorists and NIN registration looks more like a tricky subterfuge aimed at deceiving or confusing the gullible to believing that NIN registration is against the citizens.

The NIN registration and linking initiative will help the country greatly in the fight against corruption, insecurity etc. It should be encouraged by everyone that wishes and prays for a better Nigeria.

Influential citizens in Nigeria should be mindful of their utterances at this critical time considering how desperate the masses, almost everyone in Nigeria is in a bellicose mood.

For Aisha Yesufu to make such a statement in public, it shows her total unpatriotic attitude to her country and suggests that she has something hidden that she is scared of being exposed.

Perhaps she alone can provide the much needed answers.

Dear Aisha Yesufu, what exactly is your fear?

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