Watch how Pst. Mrs. Veronica straffed my husband in the name of healing – man’s wife shares video

When Pst. Mrs. Veronica said that God sent her to heal men of their fertility problem by going to bed with them, many people thoughts she was joking. God anointed my thing to heal men of their fertility problem by going to bed with them – Pst. Mrs. Veronica

Well she was really serious as it looks now because a married woman by name Mrs. Amarachi has revealed how she discovered that Mrs. Veronica went to bed with her husband in the name of healing.

According to her, she had been trying to conceive for the past 4 years and it was like not possible, few weeks ago her husband told her they should go to Life of Faith and Prosperity Church, which happens to belong to Pst. Mrs. Veronica.

On the first day they arrived she was conducting a Tuesday service and after that her husband met her, she instructed her husband to cone back alone for healing.

The wife said, “she told my husband to come alone the next day by 6 pm for healing, I was surprised she didn’t request to see me but since she was a preacher, I had no fear”.

That was how it went till 4 days ago when a lady called me that I should come and see her at a petrol station.

On getting there, she said she has something to show me, she said I should open my phone Bluetooth and I did, she transferred the video to me, I am still surprised that my husband could do this.

Pst. Mrs. Veronica is a religious prostitute and she has ruined my marriage because I can not trust my husband again.

Here is the video: DOWNLOAD MP4

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