This guide will completely inform you on every detail you need with regards to VTU Business in Nigeria, we have made comprehensive research and discovered that many people have asked questions concerning VTU Business in Nigeria and considering how profitable this business is, I have decided to write this complete article on VTU Business in Nigeria.

First of all, let us know what VTU means:

Virtual Top-Up (VTU) is known as a secure vending Platform where the distribution of prepaid products through large channels is being effectively managed.

What is VTU Business?

This means you having the right and resources to credit another person’s mobile number with airtime without buying a physical scratch card or using bank USDD codes. 

How Can I Make Money Through VTU Business?

According to a user, he said “VTU Business guarantees huge profit but it requires well-proven strategies to make a reasonable profit.  Strategies that will help you get a good share of the multi-millions of profit carted away by banks and other big organizations on a daily basis.  To be frank, N500 or N1,000 Investment in this profitable business will not get you anywhere. You will simply be laboring for others with very little to show for it after several months of labor.” 

This almost says it all, understand How VTU Works: each time you recharge your phone maybe through your bank app, a percentage is being made by the bank as profit, now if you engage in this business, you will be making the same profit the banks are making, the good thing about this is that you can start with very little income as low as N5,000 and watch your business grow. 

Remember that every business requires a level of hard work and I can tell you that VTU Business in Nigeria is one of the best businesses you can engage in if you want to venture into any online business. 

There are many VTU companies that allow people to register and start VTU business in Nigeria but for this article, I will use Recharge and Get Paid as my point of focus.


According to their website; Recharge and get paid is a company that offers people the rare opportunity of making legitimate income online with little effort. Once a new distributor registers, the person will be placed in a 3×10 forced matrix, this means that members will still earn residual income even when they are not working.


(1) Instant Registration Bonus – 20%.

(2) Instant Direct Referral Bonus – 20%.

(3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10% – 1%.


They have 6 different categories of registration with various costs as shown below:

#             Plan Name / Categories                  Registration Price

1              Executive Platinum Member      ₦100,000

2              Platinum Member                           ₦50,000

3              Diamond Member                           ₦40,000

4              Gold Member                                   ₦30,000

5              Silver Member                                  ₦20,000

6              Bronze Member                               ₦10,000

7              Basic Member                                   ₦5,000

The Bigger Opportunity with Recharge and Get Paid Ltd

Please note that it is not only when you recharge a customer’s line that you make money, you make money from other aspects like cable recharge, bill payments, etc.  That is what VTU is all about.

Let us now get to the steps involved in Starting a VTU Business in Nigeria

Login to: https://www.rechargeandgetpaid.com/register.php, the form will be displayed as seen below;

Remember to use Supremebosslife as referral ID so you can get your bonus

VTU Business in Nigeria

Put Supremebosslife as Referal ID so you can get a bonus, fill your name, email, phone number, choose a unique username, and password, then click NEXT.  A new pop window will come out saying “now login with username and password to continue”.

Click login, type your username and password, click LOGIN. 

VTU Business in Nigeria

A page will open for Members Registration Package, choose your desired package among the ones listed above, click the first button and choose the package, then the second button and choose “Pay via Paystack”, click NEXT.  Another page will come out as below:

VTU Business in Nigeria

Fill in your bank details, then click next.  A new page will load up, if you are okay with the details then click PAY WITH PAYSTACK, if you wish to make any changes click CHANGE MEMBER PACKAGE.

 You are there. 

Please understand that this is a business that involves risk no matter how little it is so prepared to put in little effort. 


What Do I Need To Start A VTU Business

If you are a student who just wants to start life, you need to have at least a smartphone for data access and you will also need to install some apps by the VTU websites to enable you to recharge various lines. 

You need sim cards for each network and you should ensure to recharge them with some reasonable amounts.  That’s all needed for a student, but if you will want to start a little bigger then you will need a physical shop as an address to ensure the safety of your products and also prove some level of legitimacy.

Amount Needed To Start a VTU Business In Nigeria

You must have asked yourself this question “How Much Do I Need To Start A VTU Business in Nigeria”?  Well, the answer is here, you need to recharge those sim cards with a reasonable amount so there is really no fixed amount but between N5,000 – N10,000 is okay.  That’s aside from the registration fee with Recharge and Get Paid. 

If you need more information on this please do not hesitate to contact me via 09069164502.  I am an online business mentor and always happy to assist you to gain financial freedom in a legitimate way.

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