Video:  Children conceived through Missionary style are dull and not smart – Pst. Mrs. Veronica

Video: Children conceived through Missionary style are dull and not smart – Pst. Mrs. Veronica

It seems Pst. Mrs. Veronica has a special mission on earth and while we are still gathering information about her, she keeps surprising people with flummoxing sermons that may even tempt you to visit her church just to confirm if she is really saying this.

Pst. Veronica who is the founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, Asaba, Delta State gave this sermon a few hours ago and said that couples should stop using missionary style during lovemaking, according to her, children conceived through this style are usually dull and not smart. This is wonderfully surprising coming from a pastor who is leading a congregation, does she not have sensible people around her?

Recall that she had earlier said that God anointed her thing to heal men of their fertility problem by sleeping with them, she had also said that if a married woman sleeps with her husband’s brother that she has not cheated. Recently she said that God who sent her on a special mission can not allow her to contract HIV.

Well, she has come again with another surprising post and this time she is advising couples to try another style during lovemaking other than missionary style. She claimed the spirit came into her and she had to speak, the lady who claims she meets men daily and does not intend getting married because of her anointing really is a hell of a pastor and we are waiting to hear from you what you think of this wonderful female Pastor.


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