Two Weeks After NDDC Scholarships Beneficiaries Protested in UK, Nothing Has Still Been Done

Two Weeks After NDDC Scholarships Beneficiaries Protested in UK, Nothing Has Still Been Done

Beneficiaries of the Niger Delta Development Commission Scholarships have stage a peaceful protest in the UK following the no pay of their grants as promised by the commission.

The students protested at the Nigerian High Commission Office in London.

The NDDC was established to make the region development while the scholarship program was designed to provide funds for the marginalized youth of the oil rich Niger Delta region to enable them study and development themselves abroad.

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The Oil gotten from the Niger Delta region accounts a huge percentage of the countries revenue but the region is still very poor and faces alot of crises like vandalism, oil spills, Piracy(Sea robbers) and gas flares which has a negative impact on the health of the people in the region.

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The protest caught the attention of Mr. President who ordered that the fund owed be released to the student but it has been two weeks now and nothing tangible was come out of what the President Said.

In a statement by the head of Cooperate Affairs, Mr Charles Odili, It was expected that the Mr. President will appoint a new director of finance of the commission but up till now, no one has been assigned the office.
So far, the students have not yet received anything from the NDDC.

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We are calling on the appropriate authorities to please hear the call of this students and release their grants to them.

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