True Story: My husband has vowed NEVER to send away our house girl no matter how I threaten him – what should I do

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I am a married woman aged 41years and staying with my husband in Port Harcourt.

We have been Marrried for the past 9 years and living happily.

My job has always taken my time and I hate cooking which is why I decided to get a house girl 4 years ago.

We got a girl of 17years so that she can be helping us to cook food and also wash dishes with some of my husband’s clothes.

We got a young girl by name Glory and she is so hardworking. She cooks virtually everything we need at home and cleans everywhere. Also read: True Story: My husband likes kissing our 15yr old daughter deeply and I am beginning to get uncomfortable – please advice.

I was very happy because it reduced my husband’s complains and I had enough time for myself.

But recently, I am getting a little bit uncomfortably with her staying with us because she is becoming too stubborn for me.

When I am not at home she rarely picks my calls and when I ask her she will tell me was sleeping.

But I noticed that my husband does not make the same complain, so one day I went out with my husband and then I collected his phone and called her, pretending that I didn’t have credit, she immediately picked the call.

I just gave her an instruction on what to cook and ended the call.

My husband rarely touches me these days and I mean for the past 6 months we are not so close again.

I talked to my friends about it and she suspected that my husband is having an affair with Glory.

It was at that point that I began to monitor her and even discovered that my husband bought a perfume for her. Also did you Watch what Pst. Mrs. Veronica did with my husband in the name of healing and recorded – wife shares video

When I asked my husband why he did that, he said ‘have you ever bought something to appreciate that girl for all the services she has rendered?”

I asked him why I should buy perfume for a common housemaid.

He made another strong statement and said “you should be thanking Glory for saving your marriage”.

I dont understand what this means and I have told him the girl should go, he vowed never to do that and even accused me of fighting his happiness.

In his words he said ‘you are wicked, each time I am happy you must look for a way to get me angry’, still I dont understand this.

I have told him we can be buying food a whole pot in eateries and I have a friend who is a chef, she can be cooking for us and I will always pay and bring the food home in a big pot we can eat for days.

My husbnd id instead of that girl to go, he will leave the house for me.

What should I do please?

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