Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Mini Importation (E-commerce) 2020

Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Mini Importation (E-commerce) 2020

Mini importation business has been my main source of income for the past 5 years and I can authoritatively say that I have made a fortune out of it. I call it a goldmine because the profit in it is out of this world.  There are people who have also ventured into the business and failed.  This article will also act as mini importation training to anyone that intends to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

There are basic things you must understand and learn if you ever want to succeed on mini importation and I wrote them down on “How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide)”.  You need to carefully sit back and read attentively, if you have questions never hesitate to contact me via Whatsapp  09069164502.

Whatever I am writing here on mini importation is not hearsay or something I read somewhere, it is what I have been through and had personal experience of 5 years. I am writing based on experience so you are getting the right information.

Below are the 5 reasons you should start mini importation business in Nigeria.

1.            Flexibility

The business is very flexible that there are no set out rules to follow, you only need to understand what you are doing and you have the liberty of setting your standards irrespective of what the other person is doing.  For example, if you make a survey on how waist trainers are being sold, you will observe that some people sell it at N8,000, some sell at N10,000 and some sell at N6,000.  That is the flexibility part I am talking about; you have the freedom of deciding your prices which will solely depend on your audience.  This allows room for maximum profit making, you can decide the profit you wish to make on a particular good and there are no laws preventing you. I remember buying a product at N1,000 and sold it N7,000, I made about 70 sells and went home with huge sum of money while other seller sold for N3,500 each, this is not extortion but you deciding how your business grows, it is about packaging.

2.            Freedom Of Time

You have the liberty and luxury to go anywhere you want to go, you decide when you work and when you rest.  When I had my first daughter, I spent so much time with her that she got used to me a lot. This was because I could decide to stay at home and work, all I needed was my phone to be on and data for chatting with my customers.  Mini importation affords you time for yourself, there are no fixed time of working, you decide when you work.  There are not many online businesses that is as profitable as mini importation and still afford you time for other things.

3.            No Hindrance Or Limit On Products

As an ecommerce owner, you have no limit on the kind of product you should sell.   You can sell anything you wish to sell once you are sure it will sell fast, the only thing is to gather information about the product, get the right source to import it from and boom you are ready to sell.  Understand that each product has its peculiar audience, so study the product you wish to sell and understand the audience to target.  Many sellers fail in this aspect and end up having products loitering all over without being able to sell, if you find yourself under this category and you need help, chat me up via Whatsapp and I will assist you sell them off.  To know more about the right product to sell, Read:  RIGHT PRODUCTS TO SELL ONLINE

You cannot order for a product and expect to sell it off without under studying the product and gathering so much information about it because it is this information that you will tell your customers and trust me Nigerian customers are very inquisitive, be well informed about your product as much as you can because you will be facing bunches of inquisitive individuals daily.

4.            Large Profit Margin

I always say that profit is the main aim and the reason I went into mini importation so I do not joke when it comes to how much profit I make, I ensure that I include all my expenditures and multiply total unit cost by 3 then sell it at the amount.   This is because I always package my product and present it in a way that will be almost impossible to reject.  It still boils down to being well informed.  I go to my customers as someone who wants to solve their problems and not someone that wants to sell an item.  To be a successful online seller, you must present yourself as someone that wants to solve problems then watch how many sales you will be making; it is a secret many people do not know. 

5.            Low Capital Required

I started my mini importation business in Nigeria with N9,000.  I ordered for a product worth N700 each and sold them for N6,000 each. Now let us do the calculation, N700 x 10 = N7,000 + clearing fee N2,000 totaling N9,000.  I sold each for N6,000 x 10pcs = N60,000.00.  Now without trying to be outrageous, plus or minus expenditures I saw a total of N50,000 remaining.  That was the money I now used to order goods in large quantity.  Mini importation business requires very little capital to start unlike other businesses. 

What Is Mini Importation Business?

Mini importation business is the business of importing goods in little quantity from countries like China and selling them offline or online through social media platforms and website (ecommerce). 

How do I start an online import business?

You can start mini importation business by importing goods from China; first decide on what you want to sell, have a smart phone and social media accounts to help you sell them online, get a reliable Chinese agent to help you purchase goods and send to Nigeria.  To learn how to start mini importation business in Nigeria please read here: How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide)

How do I Import Goods From China?

There are many Chinese agents and companies that help people import goods from China. You should be careful of fraudsters  which is why I always recommend Pebdaily.  They are reliable and I have been using them for 3 years now.  There are things you should consider when choosing an agent to help you buy from China, these things include response speed, sincerity, English Language understanding etc.


Mini importation business is good enough for anyone to start and make 7 figures, you need a good mentor to guide you because when we started, there were many things that are happening now that didn’t happen then so we were not likely falling into the hands of fraudsters but now they are many so you need to be careful and with the right guidance, you can make serious monies from mini importation. If you need assistance on how to start mini importation you can contact me.

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