The Truth about Abba Kyari’s rumored death and what we discovered

The Truth about Abba Kyari’s rumored death and what we discovered

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Abba Kyari, the former Chief of Staff to President Buhari who was confirmed to have tested positive to Coronavirus was rumored to be dead and while many jumped to a conclusion, we decided to make some findings and below is what we found out.

What instigated the rumor was a post made by a self-acclaimed American trained Pharmacist who said that a big personality in Aso Rock is dead and this prompted many people to think it was Abba Kyari since he was sick.

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letter of him being sacked surfaced online and this of course increased the tension.

Abba Kyari is being isolated in a private hospital in Lagos and though he is in a critical condition according to our reliable source, he is not dead.

Please debunk what you heard from Dr. Kemi because she is an attention seeker that seeks to disrupt the peaceful coexistence of Nigerians with the destructive news.

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We enjoin Nigerians to pray for him as he hope to recover from this coronavirus.

Please do not leave without saying a word via comment for Abba Kyari.

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