The best thing the Nigerian Government can do for the citizens this period

The best thing the Nigerian Government can do for the citizens this period

The federal government can use this opportunity to rewrite the many wrongs and correct the negative impression in the minds of its citizens by budgeting and bringing out only N100 Billion to be shared among the 40 million BVN linked accounts.

Before telling people to stay at home, you must understand that they must feed themselves and their families, imagine telling a father of 6 who happens to be a taxi driver to stay at home, that may indirectly become a death sentence because the children will be hungry and himself included.

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If the federal government does not make the right decision on this matter, crime will increase at a very high rate because hunger breeds crime.

According to reports, there are about 40 million BVN account numbers owned by Nigerians and sharing N250,000 to each of these accounts will amount to only N100 Billion which is not really so much.

If they can budget N150 billion for the National Assembly then it should not be a problem budgeting N100 Billion for its citizens especially at this crucial time.

It is our prayer that the government will see this post and heed to this advice as it will be the best thing they can do for the people.

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