#StoptheNCDCBill: Everything you need to know – DO YOU SUPPORT THIS BILL? Vote your opinion

#StoptheNCDCBill: Everything you need to know – DO YOU SUPPORT THIS BILL? Vote your opinion

Wake up Nigerians, what was rumored has started manifesting and the time to act is now.

The Bill giving more powers to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control has just passed its second reading.

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Believe it or not, the National Assembly was reopened just for this purpose.

Most members voted against the bill but Deputy Speaker, Rep. Ahmed Wase ruled that the bill be passed for 2nd reading.

In a democracy, a bill got to 2nd reading and almost 50% of the House haven’t seen or read the bill.

There is more to this unfortunate bill.

Our Observations on NCDC Bill:

  • Bill sponsored by Speaker.
  • Puts it to a debate.
  • Reps are expected to debate on a bill they never read or saw but only know the title.
  • Some house members push back and request for a public hearing/committee deliberations.

The Bill which seeks to empower NCDC to administer vaccines to curb the spread of Pandemic has hurriedly passed through 1st & 2nd reading in the National Assembly without a public hearing.

Below is what the bill entails;

Below is also what happened in the NASS,

The time to act is now!

The bill violates-
The Right to Life;
To Personal Liberty;
Freedom from Degrading and Inhumane Treatment:
Right to Personal and Family Life
Right to Privacy
The Right to Acquire and Own Property
Freedom of Movement;
The Freedom of Religion.

If at all anything, you must understand that several bills are been rushed through Senate and one of them is the “Control of infectious diseases”. Buried within the 50 paged document are clauses that would end up taking our freedom.

This bill is totally unacceptable and must be rejected.

Will you join the protest or do you support the bill?

Vote Your Decision Below;

Do you support the NCDC Bill?

Let everyone be informed and heard, share this post everywhere.

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