Start A Makeup Business Online With Little Skill

Start A Makeup Business Online With Little Skill

Makeup business is a lucrative business that offers you both profit and connections. It is one of the various businesses you do not need to acquire a degree from higher institutions before embarking on it. In this guide, I will teach you how to start your makeup business online in Nigeria with little skill.

How To Start A Makeup Line Online

Online is the future almost all forms of businesses can be promoted online but today I want to expose a little secret of starting your makeup business online and even earning more money than people who have shops.  If you are a young lady or young guy who has knowledge of makeup and can teach people then this article is for you.


Like I said, first you have to know a little about makeup and have a good command of the English language. Then you need a smartphone with Whatsapp installed.  Whatsapp is a messaging platform currently owned by Facebook.  This is because you will need to communicate with your client through a messaging platform which is why I recommend Facebook.   This article will help you establish your makeup business in Nigeria online and you will be able to even sell makeup accessories and make a huge profit.

Remember that every business requires determination and strategic planning, you do not just go into a business just to make money, you must first develop a passion for the business and have a burning zeal to satisfy your customers.

Start A Makeup Business Online

Now let us go to the main subject which is how you can start your makeup business online in Nigeria and make thousands of Naira. To install WhatsApp, you simply open the Google play store and search for the WhatsApp app. Click install and verify your phone number and you are done.


 Then the next thing is to create a Facebook business page so you can use and advertise your services.  Please read HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE HERE

Once you are done with the Facebook business page, simply search for relevant makeup pictures maybe on you get makeup pictures from your friends and even the ones you have done. There are many young ladies who desire to learn makeup but cannot afford the expensive fees they have to pay, these are the set of people you target.  But you must let them know that you are good with makeup so first of all, post pictures of makeup, make different posts on services you render and prices. 


After a few days, you make a post offering to teach interesting people on makeup.  But before this, open your Whatsapp app and create a group, you can add one of your friends so you will be able to create the group.  Give it the same name as your Facebook business name.    Then create another Whatsapp group and write something like “Makeup Temporary Room”.  You are now going to copy the invite link of this second Whatsapp group and share on Facebook so that people who are interested can join the group through that when they have joined the temporary group you now offer the full information on the training. 

This now leads us to price, you can decide to train each person for N500 a week.  Let us do a little math if you have 20 people interested in learning the makeup and they pay you N500 each. That is N500 x 20 = N15,000.  You inform them that they will be removed after a week. Now we have 4 weeks in a month, N15,000 x 4 = N60,000.00.  That is a huge sum and this is as realistic as I say.    Okay, let us continue, To copy the Whatsapp group link, simply open the temporary group, when it is open, press on the top bar where you have the group name, it will open the group info, scroll down to Invite via link, click there, it will open the Whatsapp group link, press Copy link and the link is copied. 

Now go to Facebook, open the business page and make a post offering to training people on makeup weekly for N500 then insert the WhatsApp link so that whoever is interested can click and join.  Once you are done with this, try share on Facebook groups. You can also boost the post with as low as N3,000 to gather more clients.

Now, sit down and imagine you want to teach people makeup physically, ask yourself “what are the things I would say if I was teaching them one on one? Write down those steps you take in learning makeup, write as many steps as possible but do not exhaust your ideas in one week. Break them down into days and ensure you have enough content and things to teach them for a month. 

Remember, you must offer quality so make research and learn more about makeup because now you are going to have a paid class.   Once interesting people start rolling in, you welcome them on the WhatsApp group and tell them the fee, whoever is interested and make payment will be transferred from the temporary group to the first (main) group where you will be having the training.  If you have a friend who has a makeup shop then it is even better for you because one of those days you can easily offer them live-video of you doing makeup or your friend doing makeup and explain. 

Jokes apart, if you are serious in this business you will make so much money, you only need to be diplomatic, sincere, transparent and accommodating to them because they will ask you serious questions.  You can teach them once every day maybe 2 hours a day for the week then once it is weekend you inform them and remove everyone from the main group and let except the ones that are paying again, keep posting it on Facebook and let new people see the posts.  Also, screenshot the lectures you have with them or the questions and post a bit on Facebook so as to look real and convince doubters that you are serious.

Before you know what happens you will be earning around N50,000 monthly just training them and you can now import makeup items maybe from Chine and sell on the page, you can show all the students the things you sell and since they now trust you and they are also in the makeup field, they will surely buy from you and that’s double figures for you.   To learn how to Import From China, please READ OUR COMPLETE GUIDE ON MINI IMPORTATION

By now your firm has grown and you will start getting makeup jobs around you, just keep working and posting relevant and updated makeup services you render.  Learn more so you have enough resources to impact on people.  


You can decide to own a website to show more seriousness and professionalism but note this is the major thing needed to start a makeup business online in Nigeria, it is still very important because it will offer you a broader arena to showcase your products and services, you can be updating your websites with new lectures, recognize students and even own a Makeup School online, the little thing you started can metamorphose into a full company.  Contact me if you need help in opening a website.

There is no way you will follow this guide on how to start your makeup business online and you will not succeed or come back here to testify.  Stop waiting, stop procrastinating and stop depending on people, start your own makeup business in Nigeria online today without a shop and earn even more.  If you have additional questions please contact me via Whatsapp 09069164502.

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