Start A Blog And Earn 7 Figures With These 6 Tricks

Start A Blog And Earn 7 Figures With These 6 Tricks

Start A Blog And Earn 7 Figures With These 6 Tricks – If blogging has been your passion and you don’t just want to blog but make huge money through blogging then you are home dear friend. Send someone for a bottle of zobo, sit back and enjoy this post.


Bloging is a way of having an online platform where you entertain your audience with either news, resource information, training or events around you. Simply put, you have a passion to blog and you can write English to the understanding of an average person, then learn how to make money through bloging.

Blog Sites

Example of blog sites are: WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, Weebly, Medium, etc.

I will start this great post with questions I hear almost every day, they are as follows;

How can I start a blog and get paid for it?

How do I start a blog account?

How much does it cost to open a blog?

How can I become a successful blogger in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria

How to monetize your blog in Nigeria

How to open a blog and make money

How to create a blog

Meaning of blogging

How to become a blogger

There are so many questions that beg for accurate answers and this post will provide every answer you need.  So you are a student or unemployed, you want to earn passive income through blogging but you fall among those asking these questions, ask no more, let’s talk.

Meaning of blogging

Blogging simply means creating a website or blog where you share information to your audience, the information could be news, resources, training or everything happening around you.

How much does it cost to open a blog?

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria?

These two questions are related and almost the same so I will treat them as one.  There are different blogging platforms e.g. Blogspot and WordPress.  For this article, we will concentrate on WordPress which to me is the best among them. 

How To Create A blog?

The cost of owning a website in Nigeria varies depending on your choice of hosting packages.

Things To Do To Open A Blog

1.            Choose A Niche

Decide which area you want to fit into, that is what you want your site to be known for, let it be a field you know much or at least a little about and you have the passion for it.  Some bloggers make this mistake of choosing niches that they are not conversant with or even have passion for maybe because they saw their friends or colleagues excelling in that niche – don’t be a copycat, please.  Sit back, think and come up with a niche you are comfortable with, remember I always say that blogging is fun so you must be comfortable to be able to blog. 

2.            Purchase And Register A Domain Name and Purchase Hosting.

This is the first thing to do, a domain name is your custom identification name which will also allow for the provision of URL (link) for your website.  Now, I always advise people to start getting serious right from scratch by getting a relevant domain name as this is the first point of SEO. 

For instance, our website name is Naija Resources and the URL is, that’s what you should do but please do not be confused, the URL must not always be exactly the same as the domain name.  For example, Hewlett Packard is a brand name and is their web URL. 

However, research has shown that domain names that are the same with their URL do not loose traffic, how this is true I am yet to ascertain. Try to choose a domain name that is related to your niche and audience.

Example, Naija Resource – we provided resources on issues pertaining to Nigeria, this is easy to understand and it will help with the site SEO. Let us say you want to open a website to teach people about mathematics and you are in Nigeria.  You can use names like,, etc.  

Let your domain name be relevant and connected to the purpose, it helps a lot.

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You can purchase cheap domain names from Namecheap.  I have used their services for a while and I know they are one of the best, I recommend their services.  Click HERE to register a domain name with NameCheap. 

The next step is to purchase a hosting plan to host your domain, that is you are purchasing a space to host your domain in other to put it to work.

Namecheap has very cheap and affordable web hosting packages ranging from Stellar to Starter, check below picture and I will suggest as a beginner you start with Stellar which you can host up to 3 websites.

After making the purchase, chat with their sales rep to assist you to install WordPress on your site or you can contact me via Whatsapp chat on 09069164502 to assist you set up and optimize your domain for good ranking @ N3,000 Flat Rate.

3.            Submit Your Site/Sitemap To Google Analytics

This is one of the best approaches if you want your site to rank very well and make an instant hit, before making a new post submit your website to Google analytics and verify. Then install SEO plugin on your site and create a sitemap for your site then submit it to Google.  A sitemap helps the search engine crawl your pages promptly.  This is the part most bloggers miss and they end up suffering for long.  It is a very important aspect of blogging, research has shown that sites that Google crawled from inception tend to perform better.  Remember to write an eye-catchy description on your site for good SEO, this could be done through the SEO plugin you installed.  If you need assistance do let me know.

4.            Write Captivating and Unique Posts

Your first post should be nothing less than 1000 words. Use Google Trend to know the trending searches in your niche and related topics.  Welcome your audience with a good quality post that will announce your blog’s presence in the online world. Take some days to gather facts and details on the topic you wish to write.  Make use of H2, H3 and H4 headings on your post, make it easy to read with short paragraphs while being explanative enough, ensure you created a Facebook page for your website, a twitter account, and Instagram. Put your website link on the bio of your social media accounts and try having a Google+ account. READ: HOW TO CREATE A WELL OPTIMIZED FACEBOOK PAGE – COMPLETE GUIDE . Become a member of relevant groups in Google+ and share your first post there. 

After your first post, keep digging more information and post as many useful posts as possible.  Give your site some months to grow and your 7 figure will become a reality.

5.            Apply To Online Businesses That Offer Affiliate Programs

After posting for some days you can now search for online businesses that offer Affiliate Program so as to start generating income on your site.  Check sites offering an Affiliate Marketing Program here.   Pick one or two that are consistent with your blog’s niche and apply.  Wait for a few days to get their response.  Apply for Google Adsense, you will be prompted to copy and paste their code on your website.  Please contact me to assist you with this if you cannot handle it.  Once this is done, sit back and write more quality and unique posts.

6.            Let The Sharing Begin

The more shares your posts have on social media platform the more you have more traffic and your site grows.  Introduce your blog to your friends and them to share. Share your posts in relevant Facebook groups. When making posts on social media ensure to use the high ranking hashtags pertaining to your niche.  Like if you are making a post on blogging, when you post on Facebook or twitter simply use hashtags like; #instablog, #lindaikeji, #legitng, #gossipmil, etc.  This will help your post get more audience it’s been assumed.

Keep posting and keep sharing, tell your friends to invite their friends to LIKE your social media pages.  Soon you will forget where you started.

You can chat with me via Whatsapp on 09069164502 for further assistance.

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