Revealed: 5 Businesses You Can Start Online With Little Capital

Revealed: 5 Businesses You Can Start Online With Little Capital

Businesses you can start online – Online businesses are fetching individuals huge profits and in this generation where information is vital and virtually everything is online, it is now left for the wise to explore the opportunities available online and make a passive or steady income for yourself.

I have personally done almost all these businesses and can authoritatively say that they are profitable and you can grow them to become an empire.

The economy of the nation is not nice at all so one has to be creative and start a business without much capital requirement and physical address.

Below are the sure businesses you can start online in Nigeria without much capital and make so much money. Click on the link below every item explained here to get full details and guidelines on each business.

Mini Importation (E-commerce)

businesses you can start online

This involves importing goods in little quantity from manufacturing countries like China and selling them online (recommended) or offline. This is one business I have done for over 5 years and has been the reason I am smiling. You actually need to learn the basics and understand the business to fully enjoy and grow it to become a huge business. You can search for products and information on Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, then get an agent to assist you to buy them from China or other manufacturing companies. Sites like Pebdaily are good agents. Read full information and Guidelines on Mini Importation Here


businesses you can start online

There are many young men and women who are making so much from freelancing. This is one of the many businesses you can start online and it is simply offering your services to individuals or companies online and in turn get paid. There are various freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc. that offer you the platform to advertise your services like article writing, graphics design, editing, copywriting etc., and get you connected to potential clients. Read Complete Guide on Freelancing Here

Affiliate Marketing

businesses you can start online

This is one of the businesses you can start online with very little or no capital required as long as you have good and active social media accounts or blogs. There are online businesses that offer affiliate marketing programs. Simply register as an affiliate marketer and advertise their goods, you get paid on each sale you make via your affiliate link. Read the full information and guide on How To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer Here


businesses you can start online

Many people are making money daily through blogging. We hear of famous bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Prosper Noah etc., but there are still average bloggers making $3,000 monthly through blogging. To Succeed as a blogger you must be ready to work hard and give in your best. Read everything you need to know on Blogging Here

VTU Business

businesses you can start online

I am currently making so much money from this business. When you recharge your mobile number with credit from your bank mobile app, your bank makes a little commission from that. Now when you venture into VTU business, you make that same money the bank was making and even in other subscription services like DSTV etc. Read everything about How To Start A VTU Business in Nigeria Here.

Online Makeup Business

businesses you can start online

If you have an idea about makeup then this is a little secret you must grab and make so much money. I have written down the various steps needed to start a makeup business online without any capital requirement. All you need is a phone and a Facebook Page. Read every information you need to Start An Online Makeup Business Here.

Those are the various businesses you can start and make so much money. Grab this opportunity, learn something and start your own business. Lets here you via comments and if you need further assistance please contact me via WhatsApp 09069164502 (+2349069164502)

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