Read what Senator Ben Bruce told Lagbaja on his 60th birthday today

Read what Senator Ben Bruce told Lagbaja on his 60th birthday today

Lagbaja is one icon that can not be brushed aside whenever reference is being made to the Nigerian entertainment scene and you can not be ignorant of his personality as far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned.

Nigerian singer Ologunde adopted the name Lagbaja which also means faceless, Lagbaja has exposed the Nigerian music industry to the international world with his exceptional style and songs.

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Today, 19th May, 2020 is his birthday and Senator Ben Bruce has joined other prominent Nigerians and personalities all over the world to wish him a special birthday.

He wished Lagbaja more strength, referring to him as an icon, he said as his years are enormous, so shall his strength be. Don’t miss this: HELP! I belong to a group of LESBIANS who swore NEVER to get MARRIED but I want to get MARRIED now – lady needs advice

He made this available online through his verified Twitter account.

Read his post below;

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