Read what Nigerians are saying after Buhari’s PA Bashir called 2nd Niger Bridge “A Gift to Nigerians”

Read what Nigerians are saying after Buhari’s PA Bashir called 2nd Niger Bridge “A Gift to Nigerians”

PresidentMuhammadu Buhari is on the verge of completing the 2nd Niger Bridge and according to his Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Armad, it will be a special gift to Nigerians.

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However, Nigerians have reacted differently to this post with most of them saying that he is wrong to tag such as a gift because it is basic infrastructure.

Bashir Armad took to his Twitter account to say below;

@BashirAhmaad: When the Second Niger Bridge is completed, it will be a gift that will keep the President @MBuhari’s administration in the minds of millions Nigerians for a very long time. #PMBAtWork

While some sections of the citizens are commending the President for such an unprecedented achievement, others are criticizing ad condemning the statement made by Bashir Armad.

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Read different comments below;

Blessed Beyond Measure (BBM)@Drmuzoic·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariAfter 8 years in office, a bridge is what he will be remembered with? Not even going to ask how it is a gift sha, agenda must agend.

Emmanuel Eze@emmaieze
·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariPublic infrastructure from Govt is not a gift but the core responsibility of the Govt. That said, you are right that whoever completes the project will be leaving an indelible footprints on the mind of the Easteners and most users of that route.

Ikechukwu Onuoha@iddomega_onuoha·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariDo you reason at all?, even if he is actually building the bridge, is he using his own resources ? This is the money generated from that region from their natural and ingenuity resources. And you open your mouth to call what is supposed to be their right a gift?, You are sick.

BaronKings@Ezbaronkings·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariU pple shld encourage Buhari to complete/commission d bridge urgently. His current result of 0/10 is very bad.Yardua didn’t build bridge but was a better president. In addition to Buhari bridge he can also name d pillars after his friends He will score 1/10 when d bridge is done!

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Saint Xavier@SaintXavier2
·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariThis is the mentality that is forming you as an upcoming politicians. To see the delivery of a duty as “a gift”, a favor done to the people. You’re clearly badly mentored, and unfortunately for Nigeria, you come from the zone that delivers vote with herd mentality.

Nwoke. Henry Chimezie@RealistHenry
·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariFirst, the money isn’t his. Secondly, the project has never been his initiative. Your “gift” remark shows how you lots rate Nigerians. You people act like you deserve medals for paying salaries, building roads, hospitals and schools with tax payers money. Almajiri mentality.

Strong Truth@strong_truth
·Replying to @BashirAhmaad and @MBuhariWhat do you mean by ‘gift’, as if the funds used to build the bridge is from his pocket, salary or pension. The funds used for this infrastructure is tax payers money and this is not in anyway a gift from Buhari. Please keep this gift tweet till after completion of the bridge.

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