Public Opinion: If President Buhari indicates interest for a third term as President of Nigeria, will you support him?

This post is entirely aimed at hearing the opinion of the general public and does not reflect the interest of the president or his political opponents whatsoever.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhamadu Buhari came into power with various promises garnished by the ‘CHANGE’ motto.

In his capacity, will you say he has delivered in his campaign promises and deserves a third term? We are not saying he wants to contest for a third term as the president of Nigeria but if he indicates interest, what will be your opinion?

Will you support him or will you want another person to take over from him?

If you will support him please state your reasons and if you will vote against him still state your reasons.

Endeavor to share this post as many times as possible so we can hear from others too.

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