Pst. Mrs Veronica has gonorrhea and STDs, she infected me

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Cletus Brownson said:

I want the whole world to know the demon that Pst. Mrs. Veronica is and how she is destroying lives.

I choose to say this so that people run away from her. When the Bible said we should flee from the devil, the Bible was referring to Pst. Mrs. Veronica.

I have been a member of her church for 5 months and she also tols us about her special anointing that heals men of their infertility problem. Also read this: True Story: My husband vowed NEVER to send away our house girl no matter how I threaten him – what should I do

Do not blame me for falling a victim but I was desperate and my wife had started showing signs that she may sleep with another man outside so I looked for a cure as soon as possible.

To cut the long story short, I slept with Pst. Mrs. Veronica with the hope of getting healed as she said but instead I got infected and for the past 3 weeks my manhood has been dripping something milky and smelly.

I pray she doesn’t infect me with HIV and if I ever get out of this, I will never try it again. Also read: True Story: My husband likes kissing our 15yr old daughter deeply and I am beginning to get uncomfortable – please advice.

I want the whole world to know who Pst. Mrs. Veronica is.

my whole life is shattered now, I had to confess and tell my wife and right now I undergoing treatment for the infection.

She is the only woman I slept with apart from my wife and I am very sure she is the one that got me infected.

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