Opinion Poll: Do you support banks to deduct N5,000 from every Nigerian account to support FG in the fight against Covid-19?

Opinion Poll: Do you support banks to deduct N5,000 from every Nigerian account to support FG in the fight against Covid-19?

The deadly coronavirus has really eaten deep into our country and from the last count there are over 210 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria.

It has come to the point everyone should stand up and unite with the federal government in the fight against coronavirus.

The federal government desperately needs our collective support in all ways. There is a need for ventilators to be purchased for the victims of coronavirus and a contribution of this magnitude will comfortably handle that for the country. Just In: Buhari, Obasanjo and Atiku should give their lives to Jesus – lady sends warning

This is not a fight for the federal government alone, it is a fight for everyone and we have the collective responsibility of saving our country.

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As a proud Nigerian, we should all stand up and join hands let us fight away this deadly disease.

There are about 40 million account numbers, if N5,000 is deducted from each account it will amount to about N20 Billion Naira, this is huge and will surely help the federal government.

If an account is not having money, it can be deducted and the account kept in minus till whenever the owner makes a deposit then it will be removed.

This is a sacrifice and it must not be sweet.

Do you support this? Vote your opinion below and also comment afterword HERE.

Should banks deduct N5,000 from every Nigerian account to Support FG against Covid-19?
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