Opera News Hub: How To Make Money With Opera News Hub 2020

Opera News Hub: How To Make Money With Opera News Hub 2020

Make Money With Opera News – Do you have a passion for writing or you have been writing for a while without making money from it or you were not making enough money from writing? Then this article is for you.

This article will seek to answer almost all the questions relating to Opera News Hub and How To Make Money With Opera News Hub.

What Is Opera News Hub?

Opera News Hub is a new platform that offers news, resources, and information to over 163 million active users in Africa.  In fact, their platform is out of this world. One of the reasons people so love their platform is the very low data consumption and the fact that you can access news at any time of the day.

This robust platform is the reason many writers are smiling these days, they offer writers the opportunity to turn your passion into money. You make money while writing and the fact that you do not necessarily need to advertise your posts is something that makes the platform really amazing.

I started writing on the platform recently and the way my subscribers’ list is increasing is overwhelming.  You only need to write real and captivating articles and you are on your way to making so much money.

How Do I Make Money With Opera News Hub?

Make Money With Opera News

You earn money based on your post’s performance. The thing is the better your content, the better your earning will be.  You earn money from post engagements like comments, likes and shares and traffic. 

 Opera News Hub Traffic bonus

Traffic bonus will be based on how many clicks one article gets.

E.g. if your article has 1 click, your traffic bonus is ₦0.036.  Now if your article has 10,000 clicks your traffic bonus will be 10,000 x ₦0.036 = ₦360.

You may wonder how you will be able to get 10,000 traffic, well it is so easy. Just write captivating posts and allow the rest for them.  Ensure your post has quality content and you will be amazed at how much traffic you will get, with a platform of over 162 million users you can be sure that 10,000 is too small to be a headache.

Engagement bonus

You earn money based on your engagement as shares, comments, etc. on each post.  Your article must have more than 100 engagements to be eligible for the engagement bonus.  If your article has 100 engagement (shares and comments) you will earn N1,800 for each 100 engagement.

The calculation is simple:  once your article has more than 100 engagements just multiply it by ₦18 and that’s your engagement bonus.

How Do I receive Payment From Opera News Hub

The easiest way is to register with Opay and download the app, then link your Opay account with your Opera News Hub account. 

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How Do I Link My Opay Account With Opera News Hub

It is simply, during the registration process you add your Opay phone number to your account where you see OPAY Account.

How To Register With Opera News Hub

One of the first things is that you must have a Facebook account. Once you have that then click HERE to register.

A window will appear and say “Continue With Facebook”

Make Money With Opera News

Simply click on it and fill in your credentials after they had gotten your Facebook profile.   Insert a good and official picture to help promote your brand.

Once you are done with the registration, you will wait for a few hours for your account to be approved.

Once your account is approved, you are ready to post.

Ensure that your post has quality content, it will be shown to many readers and the more you grow your subscribers the more your money grows.

The good thing is that you do not spend a dime except data.  Isn’t that cool?

Is Opera News Hub A Scam?

No, they are not scammers, the company is real and they are paying writers every month. Sometimes they could be delays in payment but they are real and if you have a passion for writing then you should register and start making money. Truly you can make money with Opera News Hub.

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