Nollywood curvy actress Destiny Etiko bares her cleavage on a new movie set

Nollywood curvy actress Destiny Etiko bares her cleavage on a new movie set

The act of dressing indecently in movies has become almost a norm in the Nigerian movie industry as female artists do not mind almost going naked in sets so far they are getting their monies and getting the fame, it is really a sad situation because the vulnerable younger generation are likely to emulate them thinking it is the best.

Dressing like this tends to promote immorality and should be discouraged. We should promote and encourage decent dressing in the movie industry because movies as supposed to teach and not destroy. The recent trend of indecent dressing is becoming venomous and seeks to desperately promote immorality, most of these movies do not add any positive value to the society and should be discouraged.

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What is the aim of producing a movie like this? Of what value is it going to add to the already deteriorating society? What positive impact is it going to inseminate into the minds of our younger generation, these are the questions any sane individual should ask.

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And the truth is it does not in any way bring any positive impact to the society, it does not teach any lesson, it does not correct any wrong attitude rather it creates more damages. She would have dressed decently and still acted the role of the gang leader, it will not bring down the quality of the movie or change the message, that is common sense.

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