Nnamdi Kanu should just Keep Quiet! – Tobenna Obiano

Nnamdi Kanu should just Keep Quiet! – Tobenna Obiano

I know for a fact, that IPOB apologists wouldn’t love this one; oh well, we don’t always have to agree nor love everything.

The world is battling a dangerous enemy, and we can’t stay pitiful, instead of focusing and channeling our energy, time and works where it does matter the most – a fight against Covid-19. Before you start reading please make sure you follow us on FACEBOOK HERE, and TWITTER HEREbecause we have a lot of stories for you.

It takes a lot of strength to get started with discussing Nnamdi Kanu and his rebellious battalion of lost sheep. It takes courage to do that too.

To this day, many are only getting to know the Nnamdi Kanu person, his tricks, gimmicks and his grand modus operandi. This is why many of us that have carefully understudied him, do not have strength for drama.

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Nnamdi Kanu commands an army of daft, ignorant and ridiculous followership. If you wish to dare differ with the damn god, be ready to face the awful response from his sick followers. They’re some set of lost, confused and clearly gullible elements.

NK could be a lunatic. His stock in trade is that ever repetitive style of “divide and rule”. He so arrogantly, pretentiously, deceitfully, callously, abusively and indecently beats up the polity as it appeals to the Igbos, conjures up together, a self-serving fallacious figments of his own imaginations and tells lies with reckless abandon.

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I tell you what, Kanu holds firmly on the pitiful ignorance of his legion of followers.

It’s really difficult to deal with his followers or engage with them on any worthwhile discuss on social media or anywhere else. Sadly, there’re little or no exceptions. This includes even the literate and traveled ones that one may meet in Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Japan or anywhere else.

Those ones, just like Kanu too, they stay in safe havens abroad, from where they blow hot, trumpets of war and discordance, yet refusing to return home and join in the actual war, maybe, to become a Biafran Martyr or an unsung hero. Dont miss this: HELP! I belong to a group of LESBIANS who swore NEVER to get MARRIED but I want to get MARRIED now – lady needs advice

Infact, it now seems or may actually be easier to deal with, and possibly talk sense into a hardened Boko Haram member to drop his arms and repent, than to convince an NK follower to take their god – Nnamdi Kanu’s “truths” with a pinch of salt. Page 2

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