Nnamdi Kanu should apologise to Apostle Suleman immediately

Nnamdi Kanu should apologise to Apostle Suleman immediately

True leadership entails a lot and requires total control over your utterances, especially when you command a pool of followers as large as IPOB members.

The self acclaimed leader of IPOB clearly does not understand these principles and it is clearly evidenced in his recent statements.

A leader unites while a ruler scatters, from the look of things and the lingering ugly scenarios it is audible even to the deaf that Biafra may come but certainly not in the days of Nnamdi Kanu.

The young man has presented himself as a quintessence of arrogance, the manner he insults and commands even his allies is enigmatic.

Of all the people he should think of insulting, it should never be Apostle Suleman.

Every right-thinking Nigerian should constantly accord nature daily encomiums for a gift as precious as Apostle Suleman.

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In his little capacity, he has touched the lives of many individuals and homes even more than what Nnamdi Kanu has ever done.

He has demonstrated a unique philanthropic attitude during this time of coronavirus pandemic, the amiable thing about him is that he didn’t just start now, record shows that this has been a norm in his life.

I can recall when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and arraigned in court, a court order was subsequently given for his release on bail, Apostle Suleman was probably among if not the first personality to agitate for his release when the federal government refused carrying out the court order.

On that same day, Apostle Suleman publicly declared his love for the Igbos. This man is humility personified and clearly Nnamdi Kanu is the opposite.

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There is no nexus between Nnamdi Kanu and humility, he speaks at will and makes noncredible statements.

Nnamdi Kanu sometime ago, called the likes of Pastor E. A. Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo criminals and he advised Igbos to stop attending churches where the GO is not an Igbo man

During his last broadcast, Mazi Nnamdi said

“You claimed to be a Christian, maybe your name is “Nwachukwu” and you worship with a Pastor called “Suleiman”, that is to show how foolish and idiotic you are in the Zoo”

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Does it mean that Ipob members do not have a freedom of worship? Does it mean they are tied to the Jewish religion as part of the requirement to being an IPOB member?

If the answer is yes then welcome to the world of Emperor Nnamdi Kanu.

You don’t go around insulting other leaders just to make a point or tease your gullible followers, Nnamdi Kanu should apologise to Apostle Suleman with immediate effect.

If he continues this way, I am very sure that pretty soon even most of his followers will revolt.

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