Nigerians rain insult on President Buhari for banning activities in Lagos and Abuja

Nigerians rain insult on President Buhari for banning activities in Lagos and Abuja

The president in a live broadcast today banned all activities and movements in Lagos and Abuja as a strict measure to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

This did not really go down well with some Nigerians who are of the opinion that the President should make financial provisions to help the citizens.

Below are few of their comments;

Stay home with out no food abi? So you sense can’t tell you to credit citizens Acct so that they can buy food?

you stupid buhari what is poor citizen is going to eat within two weeks , people has made serous mistake by voting this wicked president , buhari budgeted 100 billion for RUGA but southwest and east oppose to it , you cant give Nigerians 200 billion by sharing into individual account atleast #25,000k just , but you can spent 2billion dollars on rail project , where is stupid Amechi?, where is stupid tinubu jagaban that impose this wicked and barbaric president on Nigerians , it is true people that voted buhari is stupid , the Iranian imam is correct , many has no money in thier pocket right ow , what about children that their patents has no money to feed them during this period, APC is a fraud and disaster to Nigerian , this party has no plan for Nigerian masses , anybody that support this party is enemy of Nigerians , shame on Yoruba that voted for this president , youth has to rethink before voting for devils , ingrate, monsters, terrorist, wicked leaders.

Without any provisions, pls pay d masses some money to support themselves this period, with d price of everything rising, pls help Nigerians!

sir this one won’t work oo. we will disobey to go out hustle and put food on table. imagine how can your citizens survive without any provision from your government. this is absolutely nonsense.

Anyone who supports this broadcast is wicked as the president. because you have money to stock food at home, what about those who don’t have?

What are your thoughts on the president’s decision?

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