‘Na Thunder Go Fire You’ – Nigerian man attacks President Buhari, others spit anger during Ramadan speech by President

‘Na Thunder Go Fire You’ – Nigerian man attacks President Buhari, others spit anger during Ramadan speech by President

Nigerians have descended on President Buhari for not attending to the cries of the masses.

President Muhammadu Buhari delivered a special Ramadan fasting speech to Muslims in Nigeria and it didn’t take long before the people started raining their anger and frustration on the president.

Most of them pleaded with the President to so a giveaway on Twitter so as to then avert the prevailing hunger during this lockdown. Dont Miss This: ‘I don’t have Gonorrhea or any STD, Cletus is sent to blackmail me’ – Pst. Mrs. Veronica

Read the various comments below;

@ImanuelCardinal said: May pain never leave your camp as long as the poor masses which you govern cry for food.
Mtcheeewwww demons in human form.

@IwujithankGod said: president that can not talk .,while he was given ecowas champion on issue of debt forgiveness…
president that suppose dey brief its citizen on daily basis ..giving his country people hope…
president..that only look at laptop..and be laughing like a day old chick

@teemoney_ said: Sir, you are talking of gathering but not millions of Muslim you lockdown for 28days, without funding or provision, how will this people manage in Ramadan, that should be your first concern as muslim. We are not animals. Fear the last day and fear your grave.@MBuhari. Dont miss this: HELP! I belong to a group of LESBIANS who swore NEVER to get MARRIED but I want to get MARRIED now – lady needs advice

@FolamideO said: No provisions no nothing..u are not doing the needful u con dey wish us….who ask for ur wishes? U go sit down for ur house fast eat wetin u want…we open mouth for here… nothing nothing….werey… who are u to evev wish us sef🙄🙄🙄 alai ni kan se….abirun

@Alw_me_south said: What do you have to say about the death surrounding
your in-law
your bodyguard
Abba kyari. don’t you think it’s time to apologies to all citizen tell them your not real , before covikk 1 and 9 like you called meet you.

@Walecxy1 said: Na thunder go fire you!

@Stephenjayz1 said: Mr President how will we fast when there is hunger everywhere other countries are helping there citizens but nigeria is jus different a time will come when the youth of this country will pick offence because of this bad governance

What do you have to say to this?

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