My suggestion to Opera News Hub concerning their writers in this month of Coronavirus lockdown – Stephen

My suggestion to Opera News Hub concerning their writers in this month of Coronavirus lockdown – Stephen

Believe it or not, accept it or not, like it or not Opera News Hub writers are a bunch of very hard working writers.

Yes most times they write things that are not good but still it is not easy to write a post to generate clicks.

They are a group of courageous people, it is not easy to spend time writing a post, spend time making research and put it on a post only for it to be rejected for some reasons and you still have the courage to keep writing.

It is not easy, from crossing the hurdle of constructing interesting topics, carving out a captivating title to the hurdle of getting the post approved then crossing the ultimate bridge of getting enough impression so as to generate enough clicks to get paid, no be beans!

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If you are a writer here, give a handshake in the air because you are a boss.

My suggestion this lockdown period is that everyone knows that things are difficult and writing constantly requires money to buy data and also electricity to charge your phones and laptops.

Some writers are struggling to keep up while others are running out of funds to help them gather resources and post during this lockdown period in Nigeria and from all indication the government are not ready to empower the citizens to help them feed during this period.

Opera should try and pay their writers earlier than 15 of the month for this particular month, may 8th of this month, I am referring to March payment, and if it is possible, they should add a little empowerment, maybe have a certain criteria to encourage their writers.

Yes, believe it or not, the writers are what makes Opera News interesting so their happiness is also a good thing for the company.

As a writer I love Opera News Hub and will want to work with them for a long time and I am sure there are so many other writers having this same desire.

I hope they implement this.

What is your opinion? You can share it through comment but it is not really as necessary as sharing this post so that Opera can notice it.

Do not think of copying and posting it as your idea but instead let us speak through one channel and maybe they can listen to this suggestion.

Do not see this as a means of getting traffic and clicks, see it as a course we should all pursue.

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