MUST READ: My Husband wants to DIVORCE me just because I SLAPPED his MOTHER – Lady laments

MUST READ: My Husband wants to DIVORCE me just because I SLAPPED his MOTHER – Lady laments

One married lady who says she is staying with her husband in Port Harcourt made this post in a relationship group on Facebook.

The story is annoying and awkward and from her tonation, you can deduce that she is proud and cocky.

She sounds like one of these ladies that humiliate their mothers-in-law thinking it is right. According to her story, she says her husband wants to divorce her because she slapped his mother, read the story here.

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Many people got so angry reading this story because it is a product of pride.

She claims that she loves and respects her husband so much but went ahead to slap his mother for mentioning her own mother during an argument. Isn’t this unbelievable? Read the story here.

In her opinion, her mother-inlaw is supposed to prepare her own food and not waiting for her to prepare.

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She said the old woman likes calling her “our wife”, a name she hates with passion and will not hesitate to deal with anyone who calls her such.

Now after slapping the old woman over a little disagreement, her husband wants to divorce her and she is now running online to ask for opinions on what to do. Read her story here.

Women like this will always bring issues between the husband and his family people and we should pray not to have such women as wives.

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