Kidnapper Evans Ask Court to Dismiss Charges Against Him on Grounds of No Evidence.

Kidnapper Evans Ask Court to Dismiss Charges Against Him on Grounds of No Evidence.

The notorious Kidnapper kingpin popularly known as Evans on Friday appeared in court as his legal council was asked to write and sign an undertaking to finish the criminal case.

Justice Oshodi gave the order to the defense counsel, Oyekunle after delivering a ruling on the no-case submission filed by Evans and four co-defendants.

Evan who is standing trial alongside five others for the alleged kidnap of the Chief Executive Officer Maiden Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Donatus. The two court charges of conspiracy and kidnapping against Evans and his gang members began on the 30th of August, 2017.

It is alleged by the Prosecution council that Evans and his gang kidnapped Mr. Donatus and 233, 000 Euros was paid as ransom by the victim’s family.

Evans and other defendants, asking the court to dismiss charges against them after filing a no-case submission against them

Justice Hakeem Oshodi on Friday, 14th August 2020 said that evidence had been presented linking the suspects to the alleged crime. Inspector Idowu Haruna, the fourth prosecution witness confirmed that in one of the trails, Evans had singled out other members of his gang which are: the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth defendant.

The court took its stands that no evidence has been discredited. The court ordered the defense counsel to open their defense.

The defense counsel demanded that the court should give them some time to enter their defense. The case has been adjourned to October 16th, 2020

It can be recalled that the Evans case which began in August 2017 is now 3 years old and the blood of the innocent people killed in the course of his evil operation cries for justice. Let us hope Evans never gets to walk free again.

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