JUST IN: Akwa Ibom State Government denies knowledge of 5 coronavirus cases, says they only heard in the news

JUST IN: Akwa Ibom State Government denies knowledge of 5 coronavirus cases, says they only heard in the news

The Akwa Ibom State have denied knowledge of the 5 coronavirus cases reported yesterday.

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The Nigeria Center for Disease Control in its daily report yesterday said there were 5 confirmed cases of coronavirus but Governor Udom Emmanuel claims he is unaware of such results.
In a press statement made available to newsmen the state government said there were breathe in the test results and as such they are requesting for a retake of the test.
It reads below;

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Sequel to the news report about the positive testing of 5 hitherto suspected cases of COVID -19 in Akwa Ibom state, we wish to state as follows, that;

  1. We observed a disturbing breach in the test and reporting procedure.
  2. Akwa Ibom State Government only heard about the test results in the news.
  1. The Director General of @NCDCgov was not aware of the reported result announcement.
  2. All 5 reported positive test cases have been contacted and they have showed no COVID-19 symptoms.
  1. While the tests were being processed in @NCDCgov approved test facilities, all suspected cases were held in isolation.
  2. Several sample batches have been previously sent for testing from Akwa Ibom State and they all returned negative results.
  1. Owing to the irregularities observed in the testing and reporting procedure, Health Care Professionals in Akwa Ibom State have called for an immediate reconfirmation test on the 5 reported cases.
  2. The results will be made public; following due process.
  1. Health Care Professionals in Akwa Ibom State have also appealed to the NCDC to ensure that all future tests are conducted following due process in order to maintain continued confidence in the process.
  1. Residents and citizens are enjoined to remain calm while observing all personal and respiratory hygiene guidelines earlier issued as well as adhere to the social distancing prescriptions.
  1. The Enforcement Committee of the Quarantine and Restriction of Movement Regulations 2020 have been mandated to see to the full operation of the provisions of the regulations.
  1. The Incident Management committee will continue to meet on a daily basis to review and analyze the situation while updates will be provided as and when due.

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