It’s Official! Kamala Harris becomes the First Black Woman to be a Major Party’s Vice Presidential Nominee in the U.S.

It’s Official! Kamala Harris becomes the First Black Woman to be a Major Party’s Vice Presidential Nominee in the U.S.

History has been made in America as California Senator Kamala Harris on Wednesday night, became the first Black and South Asian woman to accept a major party’s vice-presidential nomination.

Sen. Kamala promised to be a beacon of hope to the millions of Americans who seem to be forgotten and voiceless, and are currently struggling amidst the pandemic and economic crisis.

She is the black daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica. The senator made it clear that she plans to assist in connecting voters to the Democratic ticket.

Sen. Kamala signaled that she would strive to restore democratic principles after four years of disunity under Trump’s administration. She refected confidence in this ability as she cited the example of her family.

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Kamala said her mother taught her daughters to “be conscious and compassionate about the struggles of all people” and to believe that “the fight for justice is a shared responsibility.”

On the third night of the Democratic Party’s mostly virtual convention, Harris stepped into her place in history. She delivered her speech standing on a small stage in Wilmington.

Accompanying her were only aides and a band of reporters who had been tested for the novel coronavirus before being granted entry, unlike in ordinary times where she would have been joined by a cheerful crowd of supporters.  

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Harris asked Americans to join her in combating racism and xenophobia, as she invoked Floyd’s memory.

Harris said she and former Vice President Joe Biden share a vision of the nation as a beloved community, united by the fundamental belief that every human being is of infinite worth, deserving of compassion, dignity, and respect.

“The constant ­chaos leaves us adrift,” Harris said. “The incompetence makes us feel afraid. The callousness makes us feel alone. It’s a lot. And here’s the thing: We can do better and deserve so much more.”

Harris spoke further: “Right now, we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons……..Joe will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose.”

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Harris spoke a lot about her background and expressed contentment coming from a mixed-race background. She spoke of her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, praising her unequaled vigor, and relating her unfortunate demise in 2009, after migrating to the U.S. with a dream of curing cancer.

Harris’ sister Maya Harris, her niece Meena Harris and her stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff — delivered virtual speeches, officially nominating their relative and California senator Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee for vice president of the United States.
Speaking before Harris, former President Barack Obama delivered a speech that seemed to tear president Trump apart.

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