‘If my husband does not touch me in the next 5 days, I will cheat on him’ – married lady swears

A married lady took to a relationship whatsapp group to confess her frustration and also her determination to find happiness for herself no matter the cost.

Read her story below;

I have been married for 7 years and I must confess I am regretting ever getting married to this man. You ladies are complaining that your husbands love making love so much when I am even begging mine to do it.

Before we got married, we agreed not to fornicate till after marriage and I was happy about it. On the night of our honey moon, we made love, to my greatest shock, my husband didn’t even last for 5 minutes.

Well it didnt matter to me because I thought there will be a solution and he will improve, but the situation has gotten worst.

He has a very very low libido and I am suffering, he hasn’t touched me in over 6 months and I have been touching myself to release which is frustrating,

I have been begging him to make love to me for over 7 years and I am tired, the annoying thing is that he feels it is alright like that. He is a very proud person and I hate him for that.

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Many times I prepare his special meals and keep for him, after eating I will try to play with him and if I go further he will tell me he is tired and wants to rest.

This man is so annoying, I have been having men toast me a lot but I decided to respect my marriage but he doesn’t deserve it and I am angry.

Imagine telling me that lovemaking is for lazy people, what kind of a husband says that to his wife?

He keeps telling me that he is not the type that loves those things and his mind is about making money and making me happy, I wonder what kind of money can replace the happiness that lovemaking gives.

Me I have taken a decision, I am going to try for the last time tomorrow if he doesn’t touch me till I get satisfied, I am going to cheat on him and my conscience will be clear.

I am just telling you people because I feel safe in this group and there are only mature women here.

I swear if my husband doesn’t touch me this week I will surely cheat on him, I have begged God for forgiveness in advance because I am going to do it.

I have seen the guy and he looks hot, I wont mind paying him because no matter what it takes, I will make myself happy.

Please sorry for sounding this way but I do not want anybody’s advice because not even God can change my mind.

What will you say to this?

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