I Have No Feeling for Brighto: BBNaija Housemate Dorathy

I Have No Feeling for Brighto: BBNaija Housemate Dorathy

The big brother Naija’s house is getting all frosty as Dorathy has opened up that she respects her friendship with bright more than the lu$t she has for him.

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Brighto on the other hand had opened up to Dorathy that he has feelings for her and loves her.

Interestingly another housemate Wathoni seems to be more interested in Brighto than Dorathy is. Wathoni and Brighto have had the last two nights all for themselves on the same bed.

Wathoni came head to head with Dorathy about what was going on between her(Wathoni) and Brighto.

Dorathy was asked what she had going on with Brighto, she opened up that she has no true feelings for Brighto but she does sure “Lu$t” after him. She further decided to back off if Wathoni wanted to get serious with Brighto as she values the relationship between her(Dorathy) and Brighto.

Dorathy added that “There’s just something about Brighto that I like but it’s not feelings. I need to know if you’re trying to get his full attention so I’ll back out because I’m not trying to stay in your way. Brighto is smart, so I don’t know. I’m talking to you because I don’t want to have a problem with you”

Let’s get to know your opinion on if Wathoni should get serious with Brighto or if Dorathy should continue lu$ting and blocking chances of Brighto hooking up with Wathoni. We love comments

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