I Have Decided To Cheat On My Husband And Nothing Will Stop Me – Married lady says

I Have Decided To Cheat On My Husband And Nothing Will Stop Me – Married lady says

A married lady has informed her group members on WhatsApp group that she has decided to cheat on her husband and warned that nobody should advise her.

She made this decision known to a “relationship whatsapp group” where she belongs.

According to her reason, she said she has been enduring her husband’s weakness and laziness on the bed for the past 7 years and she can not take it anymore. She narrated how she has been begging her husband for lovemaking for the past 7 years.

If you hear her story, you may not blame her much for making such a decision.

It is so unfortunate that some married men have subjected their wives to emotional trauma and to them it doesn’t matter because they feel the woman has nowhere to go. Many marriages are breaking up because of this, her case is not a fertility problem like the woman that reported that her husband went to bed with Pst. Mrs. Veronica in the name of healing.

This is very wrong and should be discouraged, married men should see the need to satisfy their wives because they are human beings.

This woman’s story is a wake-up call to married men to ensure that their wives at home stay happy, money is not everyone.

Making sure she is satisfied on bed is beyond what money can buy.

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The woman sounded so determined and you know when a woman is pushed to that point, she will not change her mind until she has achieved what she wanted.

Never push your wive to make such a decision like this because from the day she starts doing it outside, you are ruined and she may kill you. Read her story here.

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