I belong to a group of LESBIANS who swore NEVER to get MARRIED but now I want to get MARRIED – lady needs advice

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My name is Bella and I stay in Lekki, I have a serious problem and I need urgent help from members of this group. I am saying it here because I know we have mature members here who will keep this a secret.

While I was in my year one in Unilag, I and my 4 female friends started lesbianism and it was so fun and sweet.

We were also into runs and we were living large, we got so deep into each other that none of us had any feeling for any guy, we only did runs with big men for money and no feelings.

It got to the point that we didnt enjoy any d**k again, we enjoyed grinding our thing against each other and it was what we did all the time.

A few weeks into the second semester, we took an oath never to date or fall in love with any guy and never to marry.

This oath idea was made by one famous lady who introduced us into runs. To be back then, it was normal because I had everything I ever wanted.

I had the money and the satisfaction so I didnt need any man, we even said if it gets worst we will adopt children instead of carrying a pregnancy. Don’t miss this: WONDERS! Pst. Mrs. Veronica infected me with gonorrhea, she has ruined my life – Cletus Brownson cries

We used our blood to take the oath and the woman took the hair from our private part and burn them together then it was mixed in rice for us to eat.

This was the ultimate oath according to the woman.

5 years after, I just finished my service and during my stay in my PPA, I met this guy who happens to come from Bayelsa State, he is very nice and caring.

We started off as friends and he used to check on me every time, we got close to a point that I started developing feelings for him.

One night we went for a date and I was tipsy, he gave me a deep kiss that gave me a feeling I have never had in my whole life, the feeling of his masculine nature and beards felt so strange and I want it every time.

He proposed to me but I rejected it and told him to give me time to think, we have not made love but he has virtually done everything relating to lovemaking except penetration. Don’t Miss This: ‘I don’t have Gonorrhea or any STD, Cletus is sent to blackmail me’ – Pst. Mrs. Veronica

He has s*cked me both my apples and my thing. But when it gets to penetration, I will immediately get scared and stop him.

I honestly need him badly but I feel the oath we took may kill me, secondly one of my girlfriends who apparently noticed how I posted the guy’s picture on my whatsapp status threatened that they will deal with me.

She said they will find me and destroy me entirely. I thought of reporting to the police but my man will feel dissapointed that I didnt tell him all these while.

I am terribly confused, I want to get married and have my own children not adopting. I want my own family, what should I do please?

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