How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide)

How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide)

How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide)

Mini importation business is a very lucrative business that requires little capital to start.  I ventured into the business about 5 years ago and since then it has been my major business, I can authoritatively say that I have made over 5million from it, this article How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria is aimed at helping you start your own business. 

As a student, you should have your own business to assist you financially, even if you are working you can still venture into this business because it gives you time yet very lucrative.  Are you still looking for a job? Abeg start this business and in a few months, you will have reasons not to want to work again. 

Ensure to buy the eBook on Mini Importation because every secret you need to know and succeed is written there. If you are serious about venturing into the business and you sincerely wish to succeed then do not miss this book, it is a small book with too much quality. Click Here To See It And Buy.

The business has exposed me to so many things opportunities and I want to carefully explain the basics of mini importation (e-commerce) in a bid to help you start yours from the scratch and if you follow my guidance you will surely testify in few months.  I always say that there is no helper in the world, so you must stand up and help yourself.

Are you a student or you just graduated? Look! There are no jobs in this country except you have the connection, mini importation is the only business you venture in and succeed without much connection. 

According to, In 2018, Nigeria had 92.3 million internet users. This figure is projected to grow to 187.8 million internet users in 2023. The internet penetration amounted to 47.1 percent of the population in 2018 and is set to reach 84.5 percent in 2023.  So let us say Nigeria has 92.3 million internet users.  You only need about 1000 users only to be your loyal customers and boom, your money rolls in every day.


The difference between each online seller is the number of sells, the source they buy from and delivery methods.  What guarantees success in Mini Importation is;

  1. Reliable Buying Source
  2. Product Advert Approach
  3. Delivery Method

I will carefully talk about this, understand that mini importation is about importing goods from any country of your choice and selling them online (preferable).  The best country to actually import from is China, I have been importing from China for the past 5 years and I have a very reliable agent which I will share to any serious person. 

Some questions have come up over the years thus;


You need to understand that the business you are about venturing into needs a bit of hard work and there are many people into it so you must try to stand out.  You must have an android phone that will enable you to search for products. 

I started my mini importation business with N6,000 and right now I have made over 5million Naira through it.  Heaven bears me witness that is the truth, my newest car was bought from mini importation business and I can authoritatively say that it is a lucrative business better than most bank jobs.  You may think this is a trick but it is not.  I started by importing an anti-aging cream for N400 each, I bought 10 of it, the clearing money was N2,000 making it N6,000.  I advertised those creams on Facebook for N8,000 each and made N80,000.  This is no joke, it depends on packaging. 

Believe it or not, there are lots of products that have not been sold and we have many yearning customers waiting for you to start selling. 

Your main selling platforms are facebook, twitter, and Instagram but as a beginner, I will honestly advise that you start with Facebook because of its advert flexibility and it is cheaper than other platforms.  Understand that as a seller, you are here to solve problems, do not follow others to sell what they sell, try to be unique, seek to solve problems and the sells with come naturally. 

If you have more funds you can own your website (e-commerce store) where your products will be displayed uniquely, however, this post is targeted at those who have little or nothing to do and need to start up their life, so the idea of owning an e-commerce store (website) should be suspended, start little and soon you will see the need to own a website. 

Create a Facebook page, optimize it to suit what you want to sell, you should know that it is best you choose a niche and become of a brand of your own.  READ: HOW TO CREATE A WELL OPTIMIZED FACEBOOK PAGE – COMPLETE GUIDE


This is the business of importing goods in little or medium quantities from China or other countries and selling them online or offline.  It is a flexible business that allows you to import and sell any product of your choice. 


All you need to start is to first choose the kind of products you wish to be selling.  Become a brand and be known for a particular thing, well the business is flexible and there is absolute liberty to change products or sell different products but if you wish to do it as a long-time business it is good to choose specific products, keep learning about them as you sell and soon you will be known for that. 

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For example, there is a certain lady that sells only ladies’ bra and pants.  She has sold for over 3 years now and is known for that, funny enough she does all her transactions online and most of her customers are in Lagos and Abuja, she stays in Enugu and imports her goods.    When they arrive, she will post them on her facebook page and creates an advert and boom, sells commences.  Many sellers do not know how to create optimized adverts and as such, they end up wasting monies without making proper sells.  Your advert must be well optimized and targeted to potential clients who will have an interest and buy. 

How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria


This is another area most sellers fail and this gives birth to either having satisfied customers or unsatisfied customers.  You must have a reliable, cheap and dependable delivery process to enable you to deliver goods to your customers after they have ordered.   There are cheap courier companies in Nigeria now that can handle your delivery for you but no matter how cheap they may be, it sometimes cant be below N2,000.  So what happens if you were selling a product of N2000, will you tell the customer to pay another N2,000 for delivery?  If you were the customer will you buy a product of N2,000 and pay a delivery fee of N2,000?  I am sure the general answer is NO! 

So as a seller how do you handle this kind of order? 

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This is where some sellers can’t find it easy, you do not just wake up and start importing anything, you must first and foremost check if the product will sell,  you must find out the profit margin, what will be your target market?  These are the various questions you should ask yourself before deciding to sell any product.

You must have a good approach to sourcing for products, there are two categories of products you should sell, trending products and unknown (new) yet useful products. 


I have carefully talked about every aspect of sourcing for products online above.  Give your new business a little bit of consistency, dedication, hard work and you will reap the benefit in a few weeks


This is where most buyers suffer, if you do not have a reliable way of buying products at wholesale prices then your chances of staying in the business is low because the Nigerian community wants to buy something affordable and if other sellers are selling cheaper than you then you know it will be difficult to stay. 

To buy products cheaply from China you need to have contact with an agent in China, most people talk about having an agent that buys goods from 1688 for them.  Well, I have never bought there and will not buy because I know most of their products there are low quality and the stress of paying agent percentage is what makes me hate them.  If you have contact with a Chinese person who stays there and buys directly from the factory then you have overcome the first and most difficult task.  I have used over 3 agents in my 5years in the business and I had to settle for one after testing and seeing she is reliable. 

I can only recommend this agent because they have not failed me over the years.  Their website is Pebdaily and they get products for you cheaper 2x than aliexpress or other Chinese agents and what important thing I love about them is that they constantly update their old customers on new product arrival which is extremely useful.   This is the first step to your success on Mini Importation (Online Sales).

After reading this post on How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria you can buy my e-book on THE DEEPEST SECRET OF MINI IMPORTATION, I have carefully written down the secret things I discover and how I have been able to succeed while others fail.  I have listed some products you can start selling immediately and make thousands of Naira, and if you do not make progress in 60 days then ask for a refund, the e-book is only N3,000.

If you are serious about starting this business and becoming a success, you can reach me to further assist and coach you through my WhatsApp line 09069164502 (+2349069164502).  The market is big so helping even 5,000 people will not stop me from selling mine.  Please, I like serious and sincere people so make sure you are a serious person before chatting me up.

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