How To Start A Small Online Business Free In Nigeria 2020

How To Start A Small Online Business Free In Nigeria 2020

How To Start A Small Online Business Free In Nigeria – This post will center on how to start a small online business in Nigeria.  There are various business opportunities online and if you carefully read through this post and other online business-related posts on this website you will be able to make your choice and start your online business.

Many people have asked questions like;

  • how to start an online business for free?
  • how to start online business from home?
  • successful online businesses?
  • How To Start A Small Online Business Free

Let me say here that there are businesses you start online for free and there are some that require little capital.  If I were to advise anyone to start an online business, below are my choices;



This is one of the many successful online businesses you can start with no capital. All you need is to have knowledge of services you can render online, a laptop and a smartphone then you are ready for business.  Freelancing simply means advertising your services and get hired by foreign companies or individuals and in turn, you get paid.  Read: How To Succeed In Freelancing In Nigeria 2020 – COMPLETE GUIDE

Mini Importation (eCommerce)

This is the business of importing goods in little quantity from producing countries like China and selling them online through social media platforms and websites.  This is one of the businesses I have personally earned so much money from and I will recommend it any day.  Read complete information on How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide).

Virtual Assistance

Can you carry out services like; Newsletter design, Newsletter content creation, Email automation, Mailchimp assistance/maintenance,  Convertkit assistance/maintenance, Aweber assistance/maintenance, Infusionsoft assistance/maintenance, Ontraport assistance/maintenance, Social media ad set-up/management,  Content creation services, Technical writing and how-to posts, Landing page creation, etc.  Then you can work as a virtual assistant and earn serious money. You can check The Virtual Savvy to see lots of posts on virtual assistant jobs and how to get hired.  If you are looking for how to start an online business from home then this job is for you.

Social Media Consultant

Start A Small Online Business Free

Are you always online and you understand the basics of operating social media accounts? You can make so much money acting as a social media consultant to individuals or organizations, there is so much money involved, you have to present yourself as a professional, well organized and make educative and intelligent posts always.  There are organizations looking for social media consultants for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  There are various sites like Indeed,  Ngcareers, Glassdoor, and Job-hunt where you can apply for social media consultant jobs and start working from home.  All you need is a good command of the English language and a smartphone to start working.

Marriage/Relationship Counselor

Start A Small Online Business Free

Many people do not understand how lucrative this business is, do you have experience in marriage and relationship? Can you work as a counselor on marriage and relationship? Then you can make huge income from this, actually, it is not something you just start and get popular, you gradually build your profile up by joining various relationship and marriage groups on social media platforms. Get to answer questions and make educative contributions for a few months and gradually establish yourself and a reliable counselor.  You can search for Relationship/Marriage Counselor Jobs Here and Here

SEO Consultants

Start A Small Online Business Free

Are you very good with web optimization? You can help businesses get found on Google search and boost their ranking?  Then get established online as an SEO consultant and make double figures. Your job is to help small businesses get Google ranking by optimization their website to help them appear on Google’s first page.  Sites like Myjobmag and Indeed are a good source of SEO consultant jobs. 

Graphics Design

Are you a graphic designer and you can make use of the latest graphics software to deliver quality jobs to your clients? Then create a good profile of yours and post across social media platforms, search for job groups on Facebook and join, create a professional graphics design account on LinkedIn, join groups of professionals there and start applying for jobs, it may take few weeks but soon you will start getting jobs.  While still applying for jobs, try and post some of your graphic works to be able to convince your potential clients that you are really good with graphic designs.


Start A Small Online Business Free

If you are a fast typist and can finish typing jobs within a short time then you can start an online typing business. There are lots of students who will love the convenience of typing their projects and term papers without going to business places. Simply join student groups, college or university groups, make posts about your services and see the number of jobs you will have. You can type them on MS Word and send them to clients to go and print.  I have a friend making over N10,000 weekly on this and he is very comfortable.  Sites like Hiresin are also a good source of getting typing jobs free.  If your question is how to start an online business for free, then grab this opportunity and if you need more knowledge please contact me.

Open A Blog

This business will not stop giving you money as long as you keep working and the funny thing is it keeps getting unique every day.  Let no one deceive you, blogging has come to stay and will remain for a long time because people need information daily.  You can do resource blogging; that is making educative posts on questions people need answers to, like me now I am blogging.  You can also decide to blog on news, sports, entertainment, etc., Read: Start A Blog And Earn 7 Figures With These 6 Tricks.

Online Fitness Coach


I have a friend in Port Harcourt who is doing this as his main source of income. He has a youtube channel, Facebook Group and Page, Instagram account and Twitter account.  He uploads pictures and videos of specific exercise tips every morning and has free and paid followers.  He also sells fitness tools and supplements to these clients and is making it big.  You must have been into the fitness field and have a full understanding of the job then make a move, create these accounts and start educating people on fitness, add people to your group and pages and soon you will be having paid followers, additionally, you can start monetizing your video views on Youtube and make more money.

These are the various successful online businesses you can start and make 7 figures over time. Just sit back, search within yourself and discover where your potential lies and go for it. If you require additional advice please chat me on Whatsapp 09069164502 (+2349069164502)

Priest Joseph

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