How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2020

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2020

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2020 – Are you tired of depending on people for financial support? Are you tired of the disappointments you face from uncles, friends, lovers, etc., whenever you have a financial need and request for their help? Then this article is for you, sit back and read attentively and you will not be at the same level again.  Affiliate marketing is one of the surest ways of making legitimate money online without spending a dime; a lot of people have made a fortune out of affiliate marketing including me.   The online community is growing bigger by the day and one can only leverage on this growth for his/her advantage. 

A lot of people have raised some questions I will like to answer and I am pretty sure you will get all the information on how to make money from Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria 2020, to start your own affiliate marketing and make real money this year without depending on anyway for financial support.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing means promoting products or services for companies and in turn, gets paid a certain percentage when those products are sold by your effort, you make use of a digital marketing approach that is advertising their products online.  The easiest way to enroll into an Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria is to register with one of the companies offering affiliate marketing and advertise their product on your social media wall, groups, and pages, etc., If you have a website or large social media followers then you will make more money through affiliate marketing.

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

To start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you need to first register with one or more of the online businesses offering affiliate programs in Nigeria, there are also international companies you can register with. For e.g,  Amazon, eBay, etc., but their process is a little bit more stressful than Nigerian companies.  I will suggest you start with Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria first, gather the knowledge and gradually expand.

How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer you need to first search for companies that offer Affiliate Marketing Programs, you can do this by search their name and the word “affiliate” just after the name on Google.  For example, I want to search for Konga Affiliate Program, see below

Click on the link and register for as an affiliate marketer.  These companies issue their affiliate partners links called Affiliates Links, this monitors sales made by you through the links, so as to know exactly how much you will get paid at the end of the day.    Now, after registration, you can advertise affiliates links of their products you want to sell on your social media wall or website or blog, through this links they will be able to monitor visitor clicks and purchases.  When a visitor clicks on your link, probably you were advertising a shoe for Jumia, the click will be stored as coming from you for 30 days and if eventually, the customer comes back 20 days after to make purchase, it will be recorded for you and the percentage set aside for such product will be paid to you.   There are other small businesses that are offering affiliate programs and you can start making money by registering with them.

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Simply visit any of their websites and search for words like Associates, Make Money or Affiliates and their sites and join. 

Let me be very real, do not just register in any online business offering Affiliate Marketing program out of excitement, study their products and services, make a research to know your target audience, how effective their product is and legitimacy.  These are the factors that will help you sell more, understand that you are selling someone’s else product and it may impact your business positively or negatively so ensure nothing destroys your reputation.


Which Affiliate Network Is Best?

There are many reputable online businesses offering Affiliate Programs in Nigeria that you can start affiliate marketing with, like Jumia, Konga, Wakanow, etc.  Please read: 20 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

They get paid when a customer makes purchases through their affiliate link. The company offering the affiliate program gives each partner an affiliate link that will be used in monitoring sales. 

How Do I Promote My Affiliate Link?

As a beginner I will advise you use your facebook, twitter and instagram accounts first, you can run little paid adverts if you are buoyant, what guarantees sales isn’t all these, it is the choice of product you are selling and the target audience.  These channels below can help you too.

A Website or Blog

Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp)

Search Engine Ads (Google, YouTube, Bing)

Social Media Ads (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)

Email Marketing

If you have a website, you can post ads banners there and make so much commission, this is the best means of selling though. 

If you require additional coaching on how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria, do well to chat me up via 09069164502 (+2349069164502).

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