How To Deliver Goods To Your Online Customers In Nigeria At Cheapest Rate

How To Deliver Goods To Your Online Customers In Nigeria At Cheapest Rate

How To Deliver Goods To Your Online Customers In Nigeria At Cheapest Rate

This is an article I thought will be very useful to every online seller.  If you are an online seller and you have been facing challenges in delivering goods to your clients promptly and at a cheap rate then this post “How To Deliver Goods To Your Online Customers In Nigeria At Cheapest Rate” is for you.

First, understand that success in Mini importation, you must have an efficient way of delivering goods to customers.   These have given rise to some questions like;

What is the Best cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria?

What is the cheapest courier service in Nigeria?

There are two types of payment procedures that are widely accepted for online sells in Nigeria, they are cash on delivery and pay before delivery (usually bank transfer).   Because of the existence of fraudsters online, many Nigerian customers prefer the cash on delivery service which means that they pay the cash to the delivery agent when the item is delivered.

For a business that thrives on sincerity and desire to grow, the option of cash on delivery is not really a problem, the only problem is that cash on delivery tends to attract higher delivery fee because the seller will likely use a courier company to deliver so as to guarantee the safety of his or her cash. 

Cash on Delivery: This is the payment process where a customer places an order for goods without paying any amount until when the item(s) is delivered then he/she will make payment.  This is the widely accepted means of payment though it has some disadvantages.

Deliver Goods To Your Online Customers In Nigeria

Payment before Delivery: This means the customer makes payment on order before it is being delivered, like I said earlier many Nigerian customers do not like this option because of the fear of losing their money to fraudsters. 

Now let’s carefully analyze these two options so you know which one is best suitable for your business.  Let us say you have a product selling at N2,000 each to sell, you are residing in Lagos and the client calling to place an order is residing in Abuja, the likely amount for delivery from Lagos to Abuja by any courier service should be between N2,000 – N3,000.  In this situation, it will be difficult for a customer to buy an item N2,000 and pay N3,000 for delivery which totals N5,000.  The best thing is to show the customers the available option, that if he or she pays before delivery that the delivery fee will be N1,000 totaling N3,000, but if he/she wants to pay on delivery that shipping fee will be N3,000. 

You may wonder,  how will you be able to deliver from Lagos to Abuja for N1,000.  Yes, it is true, there are many options available, I am sure you know NIPOST, they are still very active and efficient, only that they do not accept cash on delivery for goods so it is the most suitable option for payment before delivery.  They have the cheapest rate but you also have to tell the customer to give five days to deliver.

From Lagos to Abuja should be around N800, remember to always explain things to your customers, this is another way to build and maintain trust, NIPOST usually takes 5-7 days but one thing is certain, they are reliable.  I have used them so many times and they always deliver. Explain these options to your customers and if it is convenience they will accept. 

There are cases that a customer needs his or her goods urgently within 2 days, all you need do is explain to the customer that delivery fee will be paid by him or her, you can use all these new courier companies like CEDER Express, ODS, AB Logistic, Tranex, etc.  But if the customer has made payment and wants urgently, you can ask him or her to tell you the nearest motor park, look for that same motor park close to you and send it through their driver to that park then the customer will go and pick it.  I have used this method many times and they are effective.  Motor parks like Peace Mass are reliable.


I have used all of these services and so far they all have their faults so do not expect 100% efficiency, however, I formed a delivery team to handle my deliveries.  After many years in the business, I had come to know where my core customers are located so I formed a delivery team and had people from those locations working for me. This was when I eventually solved my delivery problem, you too can form yours but do not just jump to that, start with the options above, understand the business first.   Form a friendly bond with your customers, explain things to them, at a certain point, they will agree to pay you even before you deliver when they have started trusting you.

Kindly reach out to me through 09069164502 if you have any problem or need coaching on mini importation (online sells, e-commerce or the above subject). Err your views in the comment section below.

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