Hottest stories and confessions from Nigerian girls and women that you may have missed this month – A Must See

Hottest stories and confessions from Nigerian girls and women that you may have missed this month – A Must See

Lots of things are really happening around Nigeria and today we carefully bring to you stories and confessions from young girls and women this month around Nigeria that you may not have heard of or you already know them physically.

Young girls are not what they used to be, most of the good girls have gone bad and we bring to you first-hand confessions and their display of immorality.

Top of the chat is the confession by a certain lady from Abuja a few weeks ago, she said;

No Man Can Withstand Me For 30 Seconds – Read Her Story and See her Here

A few days later she said that: She Can Take More Than 8 Men In A Day – Read it here.

Another one was from a young girl by name Blessing Abu, she confessed said: I Must Sleep With 3 Pastors Before I Get Married – Read Story Here

She later said this: My Husband Must Sleep With Me 4 Times A Week Else I Will Cheat 

An elderly married lady came online and cried that her husband has not touched her for a long time. She said: My Husband has not touched me for 9 months and he flirts a lot, what should I do? Lady needs advice

Vivian Nwosu said: I Must Test My Man’s Strength On Bed Before I Accept To Marry Him – Read story Here

Then came Pst. Mrs. Veronica who shocked the online world with her sermon saying: If you have fertility problem come and sleep with me and you will be healed – Read story and see video here

Then came another one from Pastor Mrs. Veronica allegedly advising married women to sleep with their inlaws – Read Story Here

A certain young girl took to her Instagram to shock the world by saying: I love qu!ckie more than love and have done over 50 qu!ckies – See story and watch video here

A beautiful bursty young cut!e took to her Instagram to complain her frustration: Nobody believes I am a virgin because of my big chest and it hurts – Read her story here.

Another very beautiful young girl said: I don’t allow any of my relationships to pass 6 months, I love sampling men – Read Story here.

The peak of it all was a married woman who said: “My husband’s thing is like maggot and I regret not seeing it before marriage” – Read her story here

A young beautiful girl made a heartbreaking confession that she Prefers dating her monkey than to date Nigerian men – Read it here.

Those are all the hot posts we had this month, hope you enjoy them.

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