HELP! I belong to a group of LESBIANS who swore NEVER to get MARRIED but I want to get MARRIED now – lady needs advice

HELP! I belong to a group of LESBIANS who swore NEVER to get MARRIED but I want to get MARRIED now – lady needs advice

A young lady has taken to our relationship group on Facebook to seek advice on how to solve this immediately problem.

She said that she had taken an oath with her girlfriends while she was in Unilag never to get married.

In fact to quote her she said they swore never to date any man talkless of getting married. Their own method was lay with them and pay. Read her story here.

This story should be a lesson to many young girls out there who think that life is just about money and catching fun while in school, there is a much longer life after school.

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She is scared that the oath they took may hunt her and according to her story, the way they took the oath is scary, Read her story here

We hope she will find a solution now that she wants to marry after finding someone that proposed to her.

You need to Read her story to get the full details of the danger she has put herself into.

She even said her friends called her to remind her of their oath and threatened to destroy her if she goes ahead to get married. What a problem.

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Please we do not write fictions, we write real life story from real people.

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