Goodnews to Nigerians as VP Osibanjo reveals what Buhari is planning for the poor them

Goodnews to Nigerians as VP Osibanjo reveals what Buhari is planning for the poor them

Vice President Osibanjo has given Nigerians a glimmer of hope after he revealed that the federal government is planning on how to help the poor Nigerians who were living on daily jobs for feeding.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought financial breakdown to many families and the federal government is planning on what to do to help Nigerians.

He disclosed this via his official Twitter handle which was a transcript of the interview he granted a few hours ago.

He said the President is concerned about this and is making plans to help them during this coronavirus pandemic period. Before then please read: Married Woman: I Have Decided To Cheat On My Husband And Nothing Will Stop Me – Read why

This is a glimmer of hope to the poor Nigerians who are going through a whole lot to feed at this time.

See his post below

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He said the federal government is looking at how to create new jobs if possible to help the poor during this period.

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