“Goodluck Jonathan is the Cause of Nigeria’s Present Security Problems” – APC  stalwart, Adamu Garba says

“Goodluck Jonathan is the Cause of Nigeria’s Present Security Problems” – APC stalwart, Adamu Garba says

A former presidential candidate and a member of the All Progressive Congress, Adamu Garba says former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is responsible for the present security challenge in the country.

Adamu Garba said that Goodluck Jonathan mishandled the security situation when he was the president which allowed more people to be easily recruited into Boko Haram.

The popular Fulani politician also said that the ex-president offered the terrorists a template which hey are using to attack Nigeria.

Speaking through his social media account, Adamu Garba said below;

Those who compared Former President Jonathan with Present situation are not kind to Nigerians. Jonathan Govt mishandling of the security situation gave rise to the template these terrorist are using against Nigeria. It was Jonathan’s Gift’s ineptitude compounded the situation.
Recall that Jonathan declared the worst state of emergency in history of Nigeria that aided recruitment for the terrorist. An unplanned, uncoordinated state of emergency executed by bad military leadership that cut off the entire society and set the people against the military.
That state of emergency, full of allegations of rape, extrajudicial killings and arbitrary ransacking of houses of the people in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state, was, if I may say, the booster to encourages Boko Haram to thrive, when most people were turned against the military.
If there is anything you can comment on the Jonathan Govt, is the fact that the bandits, terrorist, etc were able to establish a base in Nigeria that made it very difficult for the present government.
You cannot win a guerrilla war when you set the military against the people.
The Jonathan Govt laid down the foundation of civil/military mistrust from his phantom state of emergency that the present government is doing everything possible to restore the confidence once Nigerians had with the military. The present Govt have done its best in the regard.
Jonathan Govt brought about the military enterprise where military leaders became billions on Nigeria’s blood, by siphoning most of the monies meant to fight terror for self enrichment.
Lack of monitoring, evaluation and checks of balances of Jonathan Govt makes it possible.
We must not be quick to compare the Jonathan government with the present situation because to the best of my knowledge, Jonathan Govt’s ineptitude made it possible for all the current security situation in Nigeria to thrive.
These set of leaders are all one and the same.

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