Video: God sent me with an anointed p***y to heal men of their infertility problems

Video: God sent me with an anointed p***y to heal men of their infertility problems

Pastor Mrs. Veronica, founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, Asaba, Delta State, dropped a bombshell yesterday during her sermon and said that God sent her with an anointed p***y to heal men who have infertility problems totally and they will be fertile to be able to impregnate their wives.

She said that her thing is specially anointed for this mission and once any man that has fertility problem sleeps with her and there is a fluid contact, that is without condom, the man’s problem will be over, according to her, it is her primary assignment on earth.

She said if anyone likes it he or she can believe or leave it but the truth remains that her mission is to liberate men and heal their infertility problems.

The question is how will a married woman allow her husband to sleep with their pastor just to solve the fertility problem? It is almost impossible and will likely cause problems in many homes because that will amount to infidelity.

Marital vows should be kept no matter what and who is involved. She said that every session will be around 2 minutes of s*x with her and problems solved.

According to her, she is an angel specially sent by God to heal men of their infertility problem and the only way they can be cured of infertility problem is by having s*x with her. Once you have s*x with her, your fertility problem is solved.

One may be tempted to ask if this is one of the end-time prophets because it is almost hard to believe that God will send such a person with such an awkward mission but then we are mortals and we do not know if it is true or not.

She went ahead to drop her phone number saying any man that has such a problem should call her to book a session. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

May God help this generation because the rate of evil is beyond human comprehension.

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