Drew Harwell calls his newborn baby a ‘Beautiful Little Monster’

Drew Harwell calls his newborn baby a ‘Beautiful Little Monster’

Whatever the name ‘beautiful little monster’ means will have to be well defined for his followers.

Drew Harwell is a technology reporter for The Washington Post covering artificial intelligence, his wife has just put to birth a beautiful baby girl.

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The reporter made an awkward remark with the announcement of the new baby arrival. He took to his official Twitter handle to declare the good news that his wife has just put to birth and he will be offline for the next few months.

The part that really got some people talking was when he called the baby “A beautiful little monster”

See his post below;

People have reacted differently to this, let us hear your views on this.

Do you think it is proper to tag a child a ‘A beautiful little monster? A baby this beautiful?

Share your views and please share this post.

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