Did COVID-19 kill 79-Year-Old Emir of Biu?

Did COVID-19 kill 79-Year-Old Emir of Biu?

About a day ago, news broke about the demise of one of the traditional rulers in Northern Nigeria. This happened to be the traditional ruler of Biu in Borno State, Alhaji Mai Umar Mustapha Aliyu. 

So far, the cause of his death has not been revealed by the family members, who did not state the cause of the monarch’s death. They however said that his loss will be a huge loss to them and the community at large. 

Alhaji Mai Umar Mustapha Aliyu was was 79 before he passed away. He has been on the throne for 31 years, having ascended the throne in 1989.

According to the released statement, the family said they’ve lost their father, who was a pillar to Biu Emirate and Borno State entirely, the Emir of Biu.  

They prayed that Allah should forgive his shortcomings and grant him the highest place in Jannatil firdaus.

This was a message from a member of the family while speaking to a news reporting agency. 

These days, most deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus pandemic that has so far infected over twenty nine million people, killing approximately one million people. 

As at the time of writing this post, Nigeria had 56,388 cases recorded, with 1083 deaths. 

We do not really understand what killed the Emir. Some people think it could be the coronavirus or another illness.

Since, we haven’t confirmed yet, we have to believe it is a natural death, based on his old age of 79.

What’s your opinion?

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