#Debtorschallenge: Several people call out their debtors on Facebook with names and pictures

#Debtorschallenge: Several people call out their debtors on Facebook with names and pictures

Several Nigerians have taken to social media to call out their debtors with the hope of compelling them to pay up their debts.

The debtors challenge started a few weeks ago and just yesterday, 4 new people exposed the names and pictures of their debtors with details of the transactions that led to the debt.

Narrating his story, one of them said he had a car transaction with 3 people worth $145,000 for 10 cars to be sent to him in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, he got 8 cars and every attempt to get the remaining 2 cars has proved abortive.

A lady by name Yemi said her debtor, Zarah bought goods worth N27,000 from her and bluntly refused to pay for several years now.

Narrating her story, Yemi said Zarah bought goods from herself and her son since 2016, and despite all taking and quarreling, she has refused ton pay the debt.

Ujunwa Olivia called out a certain young man called Serni Jibo and said she sent N76,000 for him to make purchases for her which he did not purchase.

On asking for her money, he sent back N20,000 to her and blocked her on Facebook and Twitter for 5 months now. She said then young man threatened to take her to court for embarrassing him and at some point ask her to apologize first before he will pay her.

Another lady by name Blessing Iwenjiwe said her debtor’s name is Festus Odibo who she borrowed N30,000 for his father’s burial far back 2017.

She said Festus actually gave her N15,000 which remained the balance of N15,000 but up till now he has not paid her the balance, she also said he does not pick her calls and blocked her on Facebook.

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