CUPP says a nation with Buhari as a president is doomed

CUPP says a nation with Buhari as a president is doomed

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) in a statement made available to newsmen have expressed their worries over President Buhari’s unfitness to run a nation like Nigeria.

The group said that a nation with such an incapable leader is doomed and president Buhari is unfit to run Nigeria.

The National Publicity Secretary of CUPP, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere who made this statement available to newsmen was responding to the decision of the Buhari led government to finally place a travel ban on some countries.

Recall that Nigerians had earlier cried that the government should place a ban on countries with high-risk of the deadly disease but it all fell on deaf ears.

However, following the record of five more persons with Coronavirus, making the number of persons suffering from the disease eight in Nigeria, the Federal Government on Wednesday placed a travel ban on 13 countries.

In its response, therefore, CUPP said:

“A nation with a man not fit to run a local government or kindred union is doomed.

“Heard they have decided to place travel restrictions after wasting time doing nothing.

“Now the Coronavirus infection has started spreading with 5(five) new cases just announced today and another suspected new case in a village in Katsina, the President’s State with weak health infrastructure.

“Nations like Ghana, South Africa, the USA with strong health infrastructure took proactive travel restriction measures and our President refused to do anything not even to visit the scene of the deadly explosion in Lagos but hid inside Aso Rock only for his government to announce travel restrictions after more people from the UK, the USA, Malaysia brought in more infections.

“Mr. President continue doing as you wish because you have conquered all the institutions that could have kept you in check including the legislative House of Hallelujah made up of Hallelujah Boys.”

The group lamented that the president wasted so much time before placing the ban on travelers from high-risk countries.

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