Covid19: Video of Chinese ejecting Africans from their homes accusing them of importing the virus to China

Covid19: Video of Chinese ejecting Africans from their homes accusing them of importing the virus to China

According to a video made available by Sahara Reporters, the Chinese citizens are ejecting Africans who are residing in China from their homes.

The Chinese are accusing them of importing the virus to China. Join the Poll: OPINION POLL:Will You Permit Your Bank To Deduct N5,000 To Support The Federal Government In The Fight Against Coronavirus? Vote Your Opinion Here

This is surprising and no one would have expected such an embarrassing action from the Chinese who have been seen recently as peaceful people.

You can hear from the video a Nigerian saying: they are chasing us away, they can not give us where to stay, we are just walking on the street.

Watch the video HERE

They have been made to spend 15 days in quarantine and ejected afterwards.

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